Are you tired of paying a premium for cable? Do you mindlessly search the channels but still can’t find anything to watch? Then it might be time to consider cutting the cord with disconnect cable TV.

Why you Need Disconnect Cable TV?

Keep reading to learn why you should disconnect cable TV and learn about the real benefits of cutting the cord.

1. Save Money

The most popular reason to get rid of cable is the amount of money you will save each month. Disconnect cable companies are notorious for their continuous increase in rates and before you know it you are paying twice the amount (or more) as you were when you initially signed up.

How It Save Money?

You might be hesitant about losing the local channels, especially if you enjoy watching the local news each night. However, there are alternatives to be able to capture these channels.

A digital TV antenna installation will help you receive an over-the-air signal which can pick up your local broadcast networks. Not only will you not lose your nightly news you can still pick up any of the major network television shows shown during prime time and still in high definition.

2. No Commercials

If you decide to get rid of cable and rely on streaming services then you will get to watch your favorite shows and skip the hassle of commercials in disconnect cable. While some streaming services will still have some commercials you can pay a little bit more to cut them out completely.

This is great if you have children. Now they can watch their programs and not be exposed to the many commercials regarding toys or junk foods.

This will help keep them from becoming obsessed with wanting everything they see on TV and also saves you from having to navigate their pleading for things they don’t need.

3. Enjoy Original Content

Many of the major streaming services routinely put out fresh and original content to their site. This means that as a member you are able to access this content as soon as it releases and at your convenience without having to remember to set your DVR.

You will also be able to enjoy a variety of different viewing options. Besides the original content, you will now have access to a collection of different types of movies and shows.

Netflix and Amazon provide a large library of classic TV shows and movies, and blockbuster movies. Hulu often will feature recent releases from some of the major networks so you don’t have to worry about missing some of your favorite shows.

4. Fewer Devices

Once you have decided to get rid of cable and just keep the internet you will cut down on the number of devices you will need. You will have to return your cable box and DVR if they were separate, which will not only save you space but also energy.

You will have to figure out how to watch your streaming services. If you have a Smart TV you can easily download the apps for your subscriptions. You can also use a gaming console to access these apps as well.

You can Purchase a Streaming Stick or Box

If neither of these is an option then you can also purchase a streaming stick or box from Roku, Amazon, or any of the other providers, that will easily hook up to your TV.

A laptop can also be used to plug into your TV using an HDMI cable, DisplayPort, DVI cable, or VGA, depending on what type of port is compatible with your devices. You can easily navigate your streaming services with the use of your mouse.

5. Cable TV Alternatives

Aside from streaming services or using a digital TV antenna, there are other cable-replacement services that will allow you to continue watching the channels you enjoy at a much cheaper rate.

Services such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV will work exactly the same as when you had cable, the live channels are presented to you in real-time.

The Difference Between Internet and Cable

The only difference is that they are coming to you via the internet and not through an analog wire from the cable company. The great thing about this is you don’t have to give up all the channels that you love and pay a greater deal less a month.

Some of these cable TV alternatives allow you to pick your channels in different bundles. Depending on which channels you watch you can spend a little more or a little less each month.

6. Health Benefits

Besides the advantages of saving money and being able to watch content at your own time, there is a health advantage to cutting cable. Most people at the end of a long day will spend hours sitting in front of the TV just channel surfing or going from one show to the next.

Spending to much time in front of the TV can have negative impacts on your not only your physical health but also on your mental well-being.

Bad Affect of watching TV

People who spend too much time watching TV have reported feeling lonely, depressed, and lower levels of having self-control. Physical fatigue and struggles with obesity can also be an issue due to snacking or drinking alcohol while binge-watching TV and not getting up and moving enough.

Of course, like anything in life, watching TV is best done in moderation. So even if you do decide to cut the cord and watch streaming services instead, just remember to get some exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Learn More Today About Why You Should Disconnect Cable TV!

There are so many great reasons to disconnect from cable TV. You can save money from your cable company and cut down on energy costs, lessen the number of devices in your home and free up some space, and it might even benefit your physical and mental health.

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