Selling your home is a stressful process. There is no denying that. You face the financial stresses of achieving the right price for your home. At the same time, you face a number of different emotional and sentimental stresses with letting go of your home while getting ready to purchase your next home. A place where you lived for a number of years and called ‘home’.

This is not an easy process. However, if you position your home correctly before you sell, you will ensure a smooth and successful sales process.

Tips for Selling Your Home

I am fortunate enough to have sold a number of different homes. As a real estate investor, I’ve found a number of good buying and selling opportunities as the market swings in affordability and price.

Here are some of my favorite tips for selling your home.

  1. Wait to make improvements close to the sale date (and have them done right)

One of my favorite tips and tricks to selling your home is to wait to make your house improvement until a couple months before you are ready to sell! However, if you are going to improve your house. Make sure you do it right. Home improvements need to be catered to more individuals not just you. You want to make the house appealing to others. Also, if you hire a cheap contractor this can open the door to unneeded liabilities.

There are a couple considerations as to why this is a prudent practice:

  • After improvements, your home feels less like ‘home’ and you are more willing to sell.
  • You sell after hitting peak value for the home improvements. People love new renovations. People will pay for it.
  1. Get indications on value ahead of time

With real estate investing, you need to get feel for valuation before you hire a realtor. I’ve seen so many people come to market to sell their property and asking for way too much in price. This can derail an entire sale process for you home.

  1. Know that you are letting go of memories to create new ones

Now time to get a little sentimental. Selling your home can be an emotional drain. Position your mindset that wherever you are going will be better for you and your family.

Conclusion on Selling Your Home

Have fun with selling your home. This is an exciting chapter of your life but remember that this is an asset. Do whatever you can to make your home more marketable to everyone.

Not just a subset of people. You need as broad of a group of interested buyers to bid up the sale price. If you have a successful sales process, you will feel much better in your next home.  

Remember that once you sign a few offers, it is much tougher for a seller to back out of a transaction than it is for a buyer to back out of a transaction. Keep that in mind and make sure you have every piece of detail thought out prior to selling your home.

What are some of your favorite tips for selling your home? Please let us know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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