As you prepare for the big wedding day, there are so many things you need to be on top of that it’s easy to forget all your chores.

One of them is, of course, choosing your perfect dress. But have you thought about what types of dresses are best for your bridesmaids? While the attention will be on the bride, the bridesmaids must also be well-dressed.

One of the biggest challenges is whether bridesmaids should wear dresses with sleeves.

Here’s what you need to know:

Subtle Weddings

long sleeve bridesmaid dresses

If your wedding is more subtle and low-key, then this is the perfect occasion to buy long sleeve bridesmaid dresses. These are more modest and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

You want to ensure that the bridesmaids have a similar look to the bride. If the bride wears a covered dress, then this is the appropriate time for the bridesmaids to wear dresses with sleeves.

Choice of Fabrics

The next consideration for wearing dresses with sleeves is the choice of fabrics used. You want to make sure that the fabrics are comfortable for the bridesmaids to wear.

For example, silk is often considered the best fabric to wear on the body. But they’ll only be comfortable as sleeves if the weather is cool. If the wedding is outside in the heat, then silk sleeves can cause one to sweat.

silk sleeves

Different Types of Sleeves

Now let’s wrap up by looking at some of the different types of sleeves that you might wish to consider.

For example, if it’s a casual summer wedding, then you want to try cuff sleeves. These are half-sleeves, so your bridesmaids won’t get full coverage and will be comfortable in the heat.

If the heat is rather intense, then you want to consider open sleeves. These only cover part of your arms. Your lower arms and your shoulders aren’t covered by sleeves.

Slit sleeves aren’t as common but are also a great option for warmer weather. These sleeves go all the way down but are open, so they’re a lot more comfortable.

Of course, if the temperature will be a lot colder on the wedding day, there are great sleeve options as well. A great option is the Bell sleeve. Bell sleeves cover the entire arm and protect you from cold.

wedding Dresses With Sleeves

There are also Butterfly sleeves which are also great for covering your arms. However, they leave the shoulders exposed so it’s good for a more temperate climate.

Choose Your Dresses With Sleeves

Now you can choose your dresses with sleeves for your bridesmaids.

They’re a great choice for subtle weddings. It’s great if the bride and the bridesmaids wish to dress more modestly.

You also have to consider the choice of fabrics when looking at dresses with sleeves. Silk, for example, is great for dresses but not always great for sleeves.

Make sure you look at the popular types of sleeves so you can determine the best options for sleeves. The sleeves often depend on the weather or temperature of the wedding day.

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