A consumer education program LMS, or learning management system for customer education, is a technology that provides and monitors instructional content to external stakeholders like partners and customers.

This content can be offered in various formats and can be accessed as virtual or live, on-demand sessions. A customer education or customer training LMS is designed to help businesses better serve their customers.

What Distinguishes a Customer LMS from Other eLearning Platforms?


There are various kinds of training systems. Despite having identical goals, the audience for whom they are intended is a crucial differentiator.

A learning system used by higher education institutions to teach people, for instance, has different requirements than one used by internal human resources to train staff. Even within a business, an internal LMS has distinct requirements from those designed for external customers and other stakeholders.

Ideally, your external customer training program should be backed by a sophisticated LMS that can assist end-users in seeing value as soon as feasible and minimize attrition. Hence, investing in customer education, LMS has a clear benefit for businesses with the following objectives:

  • Provide user value via in-depth product expertise.
  • Serve a wide range of audiences with varying roles and requirements.
  • Inform users frequently about updated products that include new functionality and features.
  • Increase the product suite’s cross-sell and upsell.
  • Reduce the workload on internal customer support and tech personnel.

If these objectives sound familiar, continue reading to learn how to determine whether it’s time to invest in a customer training LMS.

When Is It Time for a Customer Education LMS?


There are a variety of reasons why a company might wish to deploy a customer education LMS. Here are eight tell-tale signals that it’s time for a new training system.

You require an improved overall customer onboarding procedure.

During the customer onboarding process, you can demonstrate how your product works, how it will benefit them, and why they should feel confident in picking your product. An enhanced onboarding process will eventually result in more product utilization, higher renewal rates, and lower churn. A customer education LMS can consolidate different data from your customer onboarding process into a single system.

You need to boost your product uptake and engagement metrics.

According to a Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) study, trained clients are 68% more likely to utilize a product than untrained clients.

Customer training teaches end-users about product benefits that are relevant to their interest, and it also keeps customers up to date on the newest changes and features.

Customers are far more likely to accept and interact with your product if you provide them with the assistance and resources they need to see long-term value in your offering.

Even more so, if they can obtain this material on their own time via self-service or a combination of live and on-demand training that you can deliver via an LMS.

You must reduce your training expenses.

Education becomes much more cost-effective by transforming in-person instruction to on-demand learning through a client training LMS like Thought Industries (you can check Thought Industries’ pricing model to see if it fits your budget).

education program

Setting up group training sessions every time your company grows can be expensive, especially if your consumers are distributed worldwide. The days of dispatching trainers to different locations to conduct live sessions with consumers are over. With a customer training LMS, you may constantly distribute online training materials, allowing initial expenses spent on curriculum creation and development to continue generating value without engaging salaried instructors to deliver repetitive sessions.

Customer Education LMS: Conclusion

Providing great upfront instructional information geared to develop specific requirements is one of the most successful strategies to encourage customers to buy and increase your sales.

The more you share your knowledge, the more individuals join you on your customer journey. So select a robust LMS that provides the most incredible learning experiences.

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