Are you wondering when it’s time to start going to a dentist with your child?

Many first-time parents are so overwhelmed with parenthood and childcare responsibilities that certain things fall through the cracks. They may also not know when to start going to a dentist with their child for the first time because no one ever told them!

Dental health often falls by the wayside in the states, but if you want to set your child up for a healthy smile in the future, you need to start them early.

Not sure when it’s time for a first dentist visit? We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more.

What Age Is Right?

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Believe it or not, likely, you should already be taking your child to the dentist.

Many dentists recommend that your child’s first going to a dentist should happen before their first birthday. As soon as they start growing teeth, no matter how small, it’s time to take them in.

Most parents don’t do this because they aren’t aware. If your child is already well into their toddler years (or beyond), then the best time to take them in is right now.

Why So Early?

You might be wondering why it matters. Why should you take them to the dentist so early if they’re going to lose those teeth anyway? Why bother if their mouths are still mostly gums?

There are several great reasons to start going to a dentist early. First, a dentist doesn’t just check for problems. They can also teach you how to start taking care of your child’s teeth.

When children are still teething, you’re responsible for keeping their mouths clean. Even if they don’t have many teeth, they can still gather bacteria in their gums. A dentist can teach you how to keep them clean.

While baby teeth will fall out when a child is a pre-teen, caring for those teeth is still crucial. Cavities can lead to gum disease, and there’s no cure for advanced gum disease. It will be a lifelong condition.

Choosing a Dentist: How Do You Do It?

Pediatric Dentistry

So how do you choose someone to start taking care of your child’s teeth?

Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field. While family dentists can treat dental problems for people of all ages, a pediatric dentist knows how to talk to a child and address their specific issues.

Use the internet to your advantage to find pediatric dentists in your area and read reviews. If your child is old enough, consider taking them into the office and seeing if they’re comfortable during a consultation.

Ensure that the first dental visit is a good experience, so your child doesn’t develop anxiety about the dentist.

Going to a Dentist Early Is Key

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Is it time for your child to start going to a dentist?

If your child already has teeth, it’s time to make an appointment. Remember, the earlier you start, the better chance your child has to have a life of great dental health.

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