Whether you are a tennis player, kayaker, an avid boater, or you enjoy swimming on a warm summer day – Charles Cove is the best place to live. Located just a few minutes from everyone’s favorite theme parks, Charles Cove is the perfect community to reside with its amazing resort amenities and Florida lifestyle.

There are several reasons why this community in Davenport-Haines City is ideal for anyone looking to buy. The homes are planned to range between 1,498 sq ft and 2,601 sq ft––include 3-5 bedrooms, 2 car garages, and two-story style homes.

Moreover, these homes include ceramic tile flooring, stainless steel appliances, and smart home technology. Residents can purchase vacation homes, townhomes, and single-family homes. The smaller homes start at $230,000.

Let’s have a look at what amenities available to residents.


  • Water view & Conservation Home sites
  • Resort Style Living
  • Community Pool
  • Walking – Nature Trails
  • Multi-purpose Sports Field
  • Picnic Tables & Pavilion
  • Playground
  • Home is Connected Technology
  • Shaded Cabana
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Nearby Shopping and Dining
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • All Block Construction

Tips to search homes in Florida

Your home is the biggest purchase of your life, so be careful because a small mistake can cost you high. This guide includes the best tips for first-time buyers looking for homes for Sale in Charles Cove.

1. Use the right property finding sites.

It’s 2020, and you’re in the future. Gone are the days when home buyers look into estate agents’ windows to see what homes are available for sale. Now there’s a plethora of house hunting websites, showing what the seller and buyer want. So, search for the best site and start looking for your dream home.

2. Chat to your local real estate agent.

There are many locations that remain in demand throughout the year. And so, homes located here are sold before they appear online. If you’re looking to invest in these areas, tell your agent what type of property you’re looking for and your budget. The realtor will give you an idea of how realistic it is, and how long it might take for that type of property to sell––make sure agents know you’re a serious buyer, then they might be interested in doing some of the property hunting for you and giving you an alert when something comes up.

3. Check out the selling price of other houses nearby.

Before you negotiate for your dream home, see what other houses in the same locality sold for. However, price comparison would be fruitful if that house has the same size, floor plan, and other things you’re looking for in a new one.

4. Check out the neighborhood.

No matter how nice the area is, always prowl the neighborhood on foot. Visit the parks at different times of the day. Do you like local shops? Are cars clean? In the worst cases, are there any criminal activity or drug dealers on street corners at night?

Inquire from locals or neighborhood watchman. They’re likely to speak the truth and give you more detailed insight.

5. Watch out for flood risk.

No matter how best the property is, flood risk significantly impacts a property’s value and insurance premiums. Homes located in a flood zone are cheaper than the ones outside the zone. So, before you invest, watch out for the risk.

6. Ask questions from the seller.

Before putting in an offer, squeeze sellers for information. Ask as many questions as possible.

Here are our top 13 questions to ask:

    1. How long has the seller reside in the property?
    2. How many viewings and offers it had?
    3. How long is the property on the market?
    4. What is the lease period (if it has one)?
    5. Can I see gas and electrical installation checks?
    6. How are the neighbors?
    7. What major renovations have been made?
    8. How old is the boiler?
    9. When it was last rewired, and when was it last inspected?
    10. Who lives upstairs/downstairs?
    11. What things are included in the sale? Wood burner? Curtains?
    12. If there’s a real fireplace?
    13. Is there an allotted parking permit? And any other questions you think okay to ask.

7. Take snaps when viewing

When you go for a home inspection, take photos of rooms, living area, bathroom, kitchen, and garden, as they’ll serve a useful reference point––but don’t act cheeky. Furthermore, check out for the following:

    • Open doors and windows
    • Inspect the plumbing
    • Count power points
    • Feel the heat
    • Flick switches
    • Watch out for woodchip
    • Locks are key
    • Check your phone
    • Lift mats and rugs
    • Observe outside walls
    • Audit the attic
    • Avoid kitchen nightmares
    • Hit the roof
    • Take a compass
    • Pry next door deals and loopholes

It will be a great idea if you hire a professional home inspector to do the job. A typical home inspection costs between $300 to $500, depending on the size of the property or other factors.

How long does it take to find a house in Florida?

Well, how long the buying process could take depends on your luck. If you get a green signal in each step of searching for your dream property, it will take around 3 to 4 months maximum or less.

Bottom of Form

Find a Great Home in Charles Cove

We hope this guide will help many buyers out there who are looking for Homes for Sale in Charles Cove. From location to amenities available in, this new community offers a number of advantages that make it ideal for anyone looking for houses in Florida. You just need to connect with the best real estate agent to make the process of buying your new home as stress-free as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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