Miami is the perfect destination if you love swimming in the sea and walking on the beach. As one of the most famous beach destinations in the United States, Miami is known for its sandy beaches and warm tropical climate. Miami is the second most popular destination for international travelers in the United States, behind New York.

When you think about visiting Miami, you should first consider the weather, but also the events you don’t want to miss, or the best time for a luxury stay. But when is the best time to visit Miami?

Miami Visiting Guide

The Weather

The Weather

If you are looking for sun and heat, the best time to visit Miami is in the summer. At that time, the weather remains very hot, with average temperatures of 28°C and highs of 31°C. The year-round tropical climate attracts tourists from the colder states, South America, Asia, and Europe. For the warmest temperatures, you should visit Miami between June and September.

However, most holidaymakers believe that the best time to visit the city is between October and May when the weather is considered to be almost perfect. The weather is cooler, reaching temperatures of 20°C. You should expect less rainfall during winter, with just 51mm per month from December to February. This is the driest time of the year.

Luxurious Hotels

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To experience Miami in all its glory, you need to book early. You should consider grabbing your spot in a luxury suite as soon as you can. Miami has a lot to offer, and during July and August, most upscale hotels offer significant discounts. So, if you want to enjoy the warm temperatures, you can explore Miami at excellent costs while avoiding the crowds.

Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Miami is known for its impressive range of activities, so there’s always something going on. When visiting Miami, you should mark your calendar with some of the following events:

  • The Orange Bowl takes place in January, and it is a must for all sports fans. It’s an annual showdown between college football powerhouses where students, alums, and parents from the respective schools are invited. The party starts before the kickoff and continues into the night.
  • The Ultra Music Festival is called ‘The World’s Premier Electronic Music Festival’ and usually takes place in March. It’s an international affair, with the biggest names in EDM taking the stage. If you’re an electronica lover, then the festival should be on your bucket list.
  • Miami Beach Pride celebrates “Miami’s vibrant and diverse LGBT Community,” welcomes 175,000-plus attendees from all around the world. Held in April, the free festival and parade run through the city’s Art Deco district.
  • Art Basel is an international art fair, taking place in three cities: Basel (Switzerland), Hong Kong, and Miami. The one in Miami takes place in December each year and features galleries and works from emerging artists.

Some useful information about Miami

When visiting Miami, it really depends on what you are looking for and your available budget. The city has more visitors and higher hotel rates when there are special events. So, if you want to score a deal when deciding to visit Miami, you should book around the city-wide events or during the warm summer months. No matter when you arrive, you should expect warm temperatures and lots to see and do. For more information on where to stay when you get to Miami, click here.

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