Are you dreaming of a Florida vacation? And find the answer when is the best time to travel to Florida?

If so, expect to share your slice of the Sunshine State with plenty of others. In 2019, over 131 million people traveled to Florida, making it the second-most visited state in the nation!

Florida has plenty to offer year-round, but there’s still plenty to consider when you’re planning your trip. For example, when’s your best chance of finding empty beaches or short lines at the theme parks? And when’s the best time to travel to Florida if you want to avoid hurricane season?

We’ll answer those important questions and more, so keep reading!

Florida Travel Guide: Season by Season

With the exception of north Florida, expect the entire state to be sunny and warm (or downright hot) throughout the year. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect during each season.

Winter Florida Vacation

Winter Florida Vacation

Tourists and second homeowners flock to Florida in the winter months because it’s sunny, warm, and devoid of snow. The weather is gorgeous and winter festivals are in full swing, but be ready to share your tropical paradise with plenty of other people.

Because winter is “high season,” expect higher prices for hotels, activities, and restaurants. The good news is that accommodation options are plentiful during the winter months. You can learn more about the best vacation rentals in popular locales along the east and west coasts.

Spring Florida Vacation

If we had to cast our vote for the best time to travel to Florida, spring (February-May) is likely it. Temperatures are pleasantly warm (but not too hot), with plenty of sunshine and a low chance of rain.

Second homeowners are flocking north by now, so there won’t be as many crowds at the beaches or theme parks. The exception could be the weeks of spring break when families and college students descend upon the Sunshine State.

Summer Florida Vacation

Unless you adore sweltering heat and humidity, we advise you to skip a visit to Florida during the summer. Temperatures regularly surpass 90 degrees, while high humidity assures you’ll be sweaty well into the evenings. Expect theme parks and popular tourist attractions to be packed since the kids are out of school.

On the other hand, because this is “low season,” you can find great rates on hotels and attractions during the summer months. If your only option is a summertime vacation, try to plan it for June or July (before hurricane season kicks into high gear).

Autumn Florida Vacation

Autumn Florida Vacation

Summer lasts a long time in Florida, with sweltering temperatures and high humidity levels lasting well into October. The crowds definitely thin out once the kids return to school, but August, September, and October and probably the worst months to travel to Florida.

Why? Two words: hurricane season. Florida doesn’t always receive a direct hit every year, but these are the most active months with the highest likelihood of landfall. If you must visit in the fall, try to plan for November, once hurricane season has ended.

When’s the Best Time to Travel to Florida?

So then, when is the best time to travel to Florida?

Springtime is your best bet for mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and no risk of hurricanes. Florida has a similar feel year-round though, so you’re sure to enjoy yourself whenever you can plan your Florida vacation!

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