You make your way to town, your favorite song emanating from your car’s speakers. All of a sudden, the music stops, as it is replaced with the sound of crunching metal. Then, you feel pain.

You have just been in a motor vehicle accident.

Unfortunately, your injury accident may have been the result of a fellow driver’s carelessness. If you believe you’ve been gravely injured through the negligence or willful harm of another person, you may be entitled to some form of recompense.

We’ve compiled a guide on when and why you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

Let’s get started!

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Accident

Let’s say that your car crash occurred at five miles per hour. Even a low-speed collision like this could cause damage to your spine, neck, and back.

Therefore, no matter how simple of a car accident case you think you have, it’s always in your best interest to consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Generally, how serious your car accident injuries are depends on a number of factors as follows:

  • Your injury type
  • How long it may take or has taken to recover from your injuries
  • The cost of your accident-related medical bills — past, present, and future

Perhaps you have suffered a permanently disabling or long-term injury. The latter lasts for about one year or more, whereas the former affects you for the rest of your life. These injuries can drastically impact your ability to remain employed, in addition to your quality of life.

Dispute with the Insurance Company

The insurance company of the driver who reportedly caused your accident may quickly dispute the other driver’s liability for your car wreck.

In this situation, the insurance company is essentially saying that the other driver did not cause the accident — or at least that you haven’t provided adequate proof of fault.

As a result, the insurance company will refuse to compensate you for your injuries. However, a personal injury lawyer can help you to provide the proof necessary to demonstrate that the other driver indeed caused your accident injuries.

How Quickly Should You Hire a Lawyer Following an Accident?

The sooner you can get in touch with an attorney following your accident, the better.

If you had to go to the hospital, you’ll want to get in touch with a lawyer once you’re released from the emergency room.

Meanwhile, if you didn’t go to the hospital right away, you’ll want to reach out to an attorney after crash investigation authorities release you from the scene.

Immediately following the accident, you’ll need to engage in discussions with your attorney concerning your health care bills and property damage.

Your attorney will ensure that your health care bills are covered and that your claim for property damage is paid expeditiously so that your car can make a quick return to the road.

Why You Need an Attorney

You need an attorney in a personal injury case because insurance companies oftentimes have the upper hand in these situations.

Insurance companies have lots of money and legal resources — two things you likely don’t have. So, to ensure that you’re on as even of a playing field as possible, you need an attorney on your side.

The truth is that insurance companies will always focus on protecting their own interests. That comes first in their eyes.

For this reason, the allegedly at-fault driver’s insurance company in your accident case might attempt to nickel and dime you in an effort to save money on its end. Of course, this is bad news for you.

However, the staff who work with your personal injury attorney can help you to navigate your car accident case in a variety of ways.

For instance, the staff can help to recreate the crash and then utilize this information in a personal injury trial situation or in negotiations to secure the best verdict or settlement possible.

The more you rely on an attorney to represent you during negotiations with the insurance company, the greater your chances of maximizing the amount of compensation you receive.

What to Look for in an Attorney

When searching for an attorney to help you with your accident case, your attorney needs to have experience specifically in the area of personal injury.

Due to the particular statutes of limitations that may exist in your state for filing a personal injury claim, you need an experienced attorney who can get your claims process started right away.

In addition to interviewing a prospective lawyer about his or her experience in this specialty area of law, you can discover more about the attorney’s background on his or her law office website’s page.

Also, ask the attorney about his or her current caseload. Skilled lawyers can certainly juggle several cases simultaneously, but you don’t want a lawyer whose concentration is spread too thin.

Furthermore, the attorney you select should be willing to update you regularly on the status of your claim. Be sure to select an attorney with a proven track record of returning telephone calls and answering questions in a timely manner.

Finally, how good do you feel about your interactions with a certain personal injury lawyer? Listen to your gut.

It’s critical that you feel 100% comfortable with the attorney you ultimately choose, as a large amount in damages may be at stake.

A successfully fought claim may result in the damages you need to address your medical bills, the loss of wages and other losses caused by the accident.

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