Did you crack your iPhone screen? Is something jammed in a port on the side?

If your iPhone is one of your favorite tech accessories, you’ll need to get it repaired right away. But visiting a repair shop can be expensive.

Lucky for you, we have the ultimate list of all the iPhone repairing tools you’ll need to perform a DIY repair at home.

Opening Tool

If your warranty plan is expired or you didn’t purchase one, you may need to do it yourself.

For any repair involving the inside of the iPhone, you’ll need to get a tool to help open the phone. These can be metal or plastic, but they’ll assist you in getting the screen off so that you can either replace it or access the rest of the phone.

It’ll also help you prise off the back if needed.

SIM Card Ejection Tool

If you’re switching companies, or need to replace a faulty SIM card, you’ll need a SIM card ejection tool. This metal object is thin and pointy. It fits into the hole of the SIM card port, which is spring assisted.

Pushing the tool into the hole depresses the spring, which makes the SIM card pop out. You can then clean it off or replace it as needed, before popping it closed again.

There are very few random household items with this small of a diameter, so the tool is essential to any repair involving the SIM card.

Screwdrivers, Most Helpful iPhone Repairing Tool

Any cell phone repair will use screwdrivers to help open the phone. Look at the phone to see if it has flathead or Phillips head screws. Phillips head screws look like a cross or an X, and flathead screws are only one line, instead of two lines crossed.

It’s possible that your phone could have both kinds of screws, in which case you’ll need both kinds of screwdrivers. The screws on a phone are too small to use regular standard size household screwdrivers, so make sure you buy the tiny screwdrivers to get the job done the right way. 

Professional Help

Sometimes the best thing you can do isn’t buy a great tool. It’s to have someone help you when you’re stuck. If iPhone repair isn’t working for you at home, hire an expert who can put your phone to rights faster and better than you can DIY it.

A good phone repair person is another perfect “tool” to have in your arsenal. You won’t be disappointed when you get help to finish the job that has you frustrated.

Good As New

The quicker you can get your phone back in working order, the quicker you can get back to work on your phone. The best iPhone repairing tools are basic, like an opening tool, SIM card ejection tool, and screwdrivers.

For more difficult jobs, the best tool you can use is help from a professional. Read more on the latest technology on our blog.

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