It can be quite tricky to navigate the water of the online gambling world.  There are many things that you need to know whether you’re a seasoned gambling enthusiast using 918kiss or not.  Things like how each particular game is played.  Or, what the best websites are for players from the United States and those residing in other countries.  Then, there are the different online gambling laws which is a whole thing in and of itself. In countries outside of the U.S. gambling online is pretty much legal in most cases.  However, each state in America has their own statues and jurisdictions. So it’s best to do some research of the state you are in before placing your bets. You should also know that there are many shady websites out there that are not certified or have bad reputations when it comes to paying out real money to its winners. 

In today’s America things are moving quite rapidly and progressively when it comes to gambling especially in the online capacity.  Online gaming sites have been around for over 20 years. However, in the United States it’s been a much maligned subject for a long time now.  It is pretty widely thought that you can gamble online from America with offshore sites as long as they are in the right jurisdictions and allow players from the United States.  But, when it comes to websites that are operating in one of the 50 states things are much more complicated.

So, let’s go over the basic thing that you need to know before you start gambling online as an American citizen.

First, we’ll start with knowing the rules of the games.  Games such as poker, blackjack, craps, slots and any other kind of casino game.  These games each have their own set of rules and also different odds and or probability of winning.  The best thing to do is to read up on whatever game it is that you are interested in playing. Personally I think it’s best to learn all the rules to every game because hey knowledge is power right?  

There are several books you can find online and that’s a great place to start.  After you do some reading and research it’s time to practice. There are places you can seek out online to play the games mentioned above without actually placing a wager.  This will give you time to figure out what game or games you are good at and what you are not. This will also give you time to learn some tricks of the trade so to speak. It will also build your confidence which is key especially with games such as poker and craps.  

Maybe you are thinking of trying out sports betting?  You need to do some reading in this case as well. First, you should study how the odds work as they are different in most sports.  The betting lines and ways you can wager are fairly different across the board.  

Next, it’s time to study up on the specifics of the teams you are going to bet on.  This includes figuring out who the favorite is and why? Are they the home team? Do they play great on the road?  Are they good against teams in their own division or other divisions? Now, it’s time to check out the injury reports.  These can be found in newspapers or websites that specialize in this sort of thing. You need to know if one of the teams star players are out of the game or playing injured, which will diminish their output and performance.  One last thing to check on is if there are any streaks of each team both winning and losing and how they typically perform against the other team when they play.

Best Sites for U.S. Players

There are five sites that players from the U.S. should use if they want to legally gamble online.  There are five websites that are U.S. player friendly. These five are also certified and operate with strict rules for and regulations for their clients’ safety.  These sites are safe, trusted and welcome customers from the United States with open arms. Not to mention they are legal and licensed and in jurisdiction that allow for Americans to place bets legally.  These sites also process payout fast and have deposit options that are good for people from the USA as well.

These sites are Bovada,,, Ignition Casino, and Sloto Cash.  Each of these sites has different functions. For instance, some are better for betting on sports and some are better for playing casino games such as poker, blackjack, or slot machines.

  • Bovada

Bovada is great for sports betting and it offers an initial deposit bonus or up to $3,750.  Bovada also provides a casino and poker.

  • My Bookie AG

My Bookie offers an online casino and sports betting.  They also match your original deposit at 50 percent up to $1,000.  

  • Sports Betting AG

This site obviously offers sports betting options as well as poker and casino game options.  You can get a 50 percent matching bonus here of up to $1,000 also.

  • Ignition Casino

At Ignition Casino you can only play in the online casino.  However, they do offer offer a 200 percent sign up bonus of up to a clever $7,777.  

  • Sloto Cash

Like Ignition Casino Sloto Cash strictly allows betting on casino games.  Although it does have a 100 percent matching bonus of up to $1,000.

So now it’s up to you to decide which of these sites best fit your needs.  Many players tend to use more than one online gambling site. Some provide better odds at times than others.  Like for instance maybe you are looking to bet on the New England Patriots over the Detroit Lions.  Bovada may have New England favored by 7 points where Sports Betting AG maybe have New England favored by 8 points.  In this case you’ll want to place your bet on the Bovada website and get the extra point on your side.

A Broad Stroke

In the year 2006 it wasn’t much of a problem for U.S> residents to gamble online.  However, that’s when the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) was passed.  This was a general or broad way to make it illegal in a sense to bet on the internet.

Now, this is where things get a bit touchy and confusing.  You see the UIGEA doesn’t state that it’s illegal to place bets over the internet, however, it does state that it’s illegal to process financial transactions which are related to gambling online.  Yes, it’s quite broad and unspecific to an extant. This legislation did scare many Americans away from online gaming with its uncertainty.

It should be noted that the UIGEA focused its resources on those accepting said bets and also any financial institutions who taking payments to or from ach gambling site.  They did not seem to want to go after individuals. In 2018, many states have made it legal to gamble online in the U.S. and other states have made it partially legal in some forms and at designated areas.  While some states strictly state that any form of gambling be it online or otherwise is expressly prohibited and illegal.

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