Are you hungry for a vacation, but not exactly champing at the bit to go to a resort because of COVID-19?

You’ve likely heard that the safest way to vacation right now is camping. But not everyone is exactly a fan of roughing it.

With glamping, you don’t have to. You can take your camping experience up a few notches and stay safe in the process.

We’ll take a look at the essential glamping checklist to ensure you find the most comfort while dipping into the great outdoors.

Bed, Pillows, Rug

No vacation is enjoyable if you’re struggling with a lack of sleep due to an uncomfortable bed. So be sure to invest in a good air mattress that you can easily inflate with a rechargeable quick pump. Consider a queen-size or king-size to guarantee plenty of space to stretch.

Then glam things up even more with some comfy pillows you can throw on your glamping bed. Add patches or other touches to give them some personal flair.

And finally, ditch the PVC groundsheet floor and cover it with a rug. It doesn’t need to be a luxurious rug. Just something to cover the tent floor. Speaking of which…

Bell Tent

In order to accommodate that large bed and all of your pillows, you’ll want a bell tent. These are large tents with a circular bell shape that are easy to erect and can stand up to 10 feet tall. They come in a variety of sizes, with some able to accommodate 8 – 10 adults.

Look for one with waterproof canvas and sidewalls that can be unzipped and an exit hole for a flue pipe – just in case you want a wood-burning stove.

Fire Pit with Power Pack

Nothing says camping like a fire pit. But it can leave everything endlessly reeking of smoke. So look into the newer fire pits with built-in power packs that use the heat of the fire to charge their batteries.

Find one that also has the ability to power a fan that will direct airflow into the pit for smoke-free combustion. There are even options for cooking on them.


From a four-person collapsible wood dining table to a small handheld espresso maker that resembles a bicycle pump, there are more than a few options for kitchen glamping gear.

If you want to make it really easy on yourself, opt for a deluxe cooking set (including a stove) that has all of the amenities to keep you from having to cook over an actual campfire. Or you could opt for a portable stove as well.

And don’t forget about nice dinnerware. No paper plates for you.


The lighting you choose will set the mood.

Look for electric or battery-operated lanterns that will create a warm ambiance without the danger of fire. And add some string lights to really illuminate your glamourous campsite.

Start Your Glamping Adventure

With the right glamping gear, you can get out into the safety of nature without the rigors of regular camping.

It’s truly a win-win.

And for more great articles that will appeal to your upscale tastes, keep checking back with our blog.

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