June 30 marked the end of The Florida Independent’s first full month of operations, so we’re taking a look back at what we learned about Florida in the past 30 days. Follow the jump for the rundown.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the worst environmental disaster the United States has ever faced. Florida has done little to combat its prescription drug abuse epidemic. Jeff Greene has money, famous friends. Jim Greer has money, indictments. BP will face huge lawsuits from Floridians. Miami residents want work. The industry could be to blame for fish deaths in the St. Johns River. Chinese drywall vendors face the music. Jacksonville is gaining a reputation for anti-Muslim bigotry. Florida trucks are getting heavier. Tallahassee tap water is “horribly polluted.” Opposition to Amendment 4 is well-funded. Immigrant activists want Sen. George LeMieux to take a stand on the issue. Crist did not like the pre-abortion ultrasound bill. Biomass may not be Florida’s renewable energy savior. Rep. Corrine Brown does not like to discuss redistricting, thank you very much. Mitt Romney is making friends in Florida; I wonder why… Hillsborough County: perhaps too generous with its severance deals. “912 Candidates” make a pledge to support Glenn Beck’s nine principles and 12 values. Kendrick Meek believes President Obama can “absolutely” authorize the assassination of an American citizen. Rick Scott has money. Tea partiers attack Tea Partiers. The guy who apologized to BP has friends in Florida, opposes net neutrality. Marco Rubio’s consistency on offshore drilling could cost him. The Tampa Bay Rays float the idea of leaving St. Pete, St. Pete shockingly not crazy about it. The industry could be to blame for bird deaths in the St. Johns River. Vote No on 4 campaign closely tied to developers, Republicans. Cap-and-trade politics make their way into Sarasota’s debate over its FPL franchise agreement. Supporting “homosexual rights” in the Republican primary is not a good thing.

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