Up to 60% of your body’s made of water.

Drinking enough water is crucial for your health, especially if you’re working out. Even a tiny bit of dehydration can wreak havoc on your body. Constipation, headaches, and low energy levels are just a few of the dangerous side effects.

However, drinking enough water, by itself, isn’t enough. You also need to make sure you’re drinking the right type of water. If you want to take your fitness game to the next level, distilled water could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Read on to find out how water distillation can help your fitness routine

Drink Pure Water

Did you know that distilled water is free of impurities? Water distillers take out any viruses or bacteria that might be lurking in tap water. Distilled water is also free of any radioactive particles, like radon.

Grow Stronger Muscles

When you work out, your muscles breakdown and then rebuild themselves to be stronger. Your body needs water for protein synthesis or the process of growing muscles. Drinking pure, or distilled water can help muscles grow even stronger.

Balance Your pH Levels

The type of food you eat plays a large role in determining your body’s pH levels. Your pH levels, measure how acidic or alkaline your body is.

To function properly, your body needs to have a healthy balance of alkalinity and acidity. When your body’s too acidic, you could be at risk of developing acidosis, (although this is rare). Luckily, since distilled water has a neutral pH, it can be useful in regaining the balance in your body’s alkalinity.

Water Distillation and Fluid Retention

Distilled water is helpful when you’re working out because you’ll be able to limit your sodium intake. Sodium is a mineral your body needs. However, too much sodium can cause your body to retain fluids.

Fluid retention isn’t something you’ll want to deal with if you’re trying to tone and sculpt your body. A great compromise is to drink a combination of regular tap water and distilled water throughout your day.

Lose Weight Fast

If your main fitness goal is to shed a few pounds than you should drink a glass of distilled water in the morning. On top of flushing helping your kidney flush out toxins, with pure water you’ll also be able to curb your appetite. The water will fill up your stomach without adding any calories (or contaminants) to your diet.

You’ll also be giving your metabolism a jump start. Take advantage of the boost in metabolism by feeding your body a well rounded, and nutritious breakfast.

Strengthen Your Joints

When we talk about flushing your system out with distilled water, what comes to mind? Do you picture your stomach being healthier, or perhaps your blood circulating more freely? Well, your joints also benefit when you cleanse your body of toxins.

It’s normal for your joints to feel sore after working out. However, sometimes joint pain can be the result of mineral buildup. Flushing out your body with distilled water means you’ll be cleaning your joints, making it easier to enjoy your workout.

Avoid Health Problems

Do you often find yourself having to see a doctor for different health problems? It can be difficult to stick to a fitness schedule if you’re always getting sick.

Installing a water distillation system in your home could be the health saving solution you’ve been looking for. By drinking cleaner water, you may be able to help lessen the symptoms of certain health conditions.

For instance, let’s say you’re dealing with high blood pressure. Drinking distilled water will lower your sodium intake. Since you’ll be taking in less sodium, it’s likely that your blood pressure will go down.

Better Digestive Tract

Distilled water is free of any inorganic minerals that could prevent your body from taking in nutrients. As your body becomes able to take in more nutrients, your organs will get all of the minerals and vitamins they need. Of course, it’ll be up to you to provide the minerals and nutrients with a well-balanced diet.

Get Rid of Ketones

Are you eating extra protein because you’re working out? Are you also cutting down on carbohydrates? Exercisers have to be careful to not throw their body into a state of ketosis.

The excess protein creates ketones, and your body starts only using protein for fuel. A great solution to this problem is to flush the ketones out of your body with distilled water.

After flushing your body out, your system will begin to rebalance itself. Soon your body will start using carbs and fats for fuel, instead of only relying on protein.

Make Your Hair and Skin Glow

When you’re eating enough protein and regularly working out, your hair, skin, and nails will show it. Clear skin and healthy hair are a wonderful side effect of taking care of yourself. However, you might not be getting to enjoy your new glow to the fullest if you’re bathing in regular water.

When you wash with regular tap water, you could be bombarding your hair and skin with unwanted minerals and compounds. Over time, the compounds build up and can make your hair look limp and weak.

Your skin might also be more prone to breaking out because of all the minerals. Luckily, by switching to bathing in distilled water, you’ll finally be able to shine fully! You can check out Rocky Mountain Water Distillers, to start the process of bringing pure water to your home.

Achieve Your Workout Goals

Now you know how water distillation can help you reach your workout goals! Go ahead and start adding distilled water to your fitness plan today. To read another article like this one, explore the rest of this site!

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