What kind of transport to choose for the expected vacation? This is a really important question because it affects how comfortable it will be on vacation.

This article contains a lot of useful information that will help you make a good choice!

Advantages and disadvantages of each of the transports for the traveler?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to get from one city to another or visit a foreign country on the other side of the world without wasting time or inconvenience. But everyone can choose the most optimal way to get somewhere.

Taking care of how you will move from city to city or from country to country during your vacation is important in advance. If you are planning a trip with children or a group of people since such trips require additional conditions. You need to take into account the special needs of the people with whom you are traveling together.

The popularity of transport to choose by tourists:

  • Railroad transportation 7%;
  • Sea and river transport 8%;
  • Road transport 41%;
  • Air transportation 44%.

So let’s take a closer look at each of them!

By plane

By plane

The plane is the most popular and safest form of transport in tourism. Even the longest flight will be shorter in time than by other vehicles.

Traveling by plane is a good solution if you want to visit a country that is far from your hometown. This method is bad for domestic travel within the country, since the procedure for boarding and disembarking passengers at airports may take a lot of time. But it remains the fastest and most convenient transport to choose when you travel long distances.

The disadvantages of air travel are the risk of losing baggage, as well as turbulence. It’s also worth considering the weather conditions that can postpone or cancel the flight.

According to statistics, 80% of people are afraid to fly, and 5% of them have completely refused to use this type of transport to choose for tourism.

By train

By train

The railway is still a popular transport to choose from in tourism. A subway or train is a good solution for travel in the chosen direction and internal movements around the country.  This way of traveling competes with air travel because of the released speed limit for trains in international traffic.

The main advantages of this transport to choose for tourists are that it’s safe and relatively inexpensive. The train carriage, which is designed for a long journey, has everything you need for a comfortable sleep. You don’t have to pay money for extra baggage or waste time because the flight has been postponed or canceled, it doesn’t depend on traffic on the roads and strictly adheres to the schedule.

The disadvantages of traveling this way can be a long time on the road and a high probability of getting lost at transfer stations. Besides, many trains don’t have very convenient arrival times for tourists.

On cruises, ships, yachts

On cruises, ships, yachts

Ships are the best transport to choose from when you travel into sea or ocean. Сruise services are used in tourism actively. The most significant advantages are a high level of comfort, a large area, the possibility of implementing various types and purposes of tourism (educational, business tourism, educational, shopping tourism, etc.).

The main disadvantages are the low speed of movement of vehicles, high tariffs, limited mobility, and often the susceptibility of some people to “seasickness” on sea cruises. And, of course, the territorial location of most tourist cities makes it impossible to travel in this direction only by sea, river, or ocean.

By car

Car services used in travel services:

  • Bus travel;
  • Taxi service/transfer service;
  • Car rental.

Taxi services are available in every city. It’s convenient and usually quite fast, but too expensive for frequent use for most tourists.

Why do more tourists prefer to travel by car?

Going on vacation or driving around a foreign city by car is what helps to make the trip more convenient. But is it profitable?

The cost of car transfers is the amount of money for preparing your car for a long trip or for renting a local car, multiplied by the number of days and the cost of gasoline.

Your trip may be too expensive if you choose to travel by road, but it’s still more convenient to make internal movements around the city by rented car.

Even if your car isn’t suitable for traveling abroad, you can choose any car and equipment depending on your needs and budget. By the way, many car rental companies for tourists offer luxury cars for rent at affordable prices, for example, as here https://renty.ae/types/luxury. Car rental is a very common service among tourists, especially on stationary and resort tours.

First of all, before buying tickets or looking for a car for a trip, it’s worth considering the distance between countries or cities. You also need to take into account the transport infrastructure of the city where you want to visit.

At a close distance, it’s beneficial to move either on foot or on bicycles. For distances from 5 to 500 km, it’s rational to use road transport, from 30 to 1500 km — rail transport, and aviation is unprofitable at distances less than 500 km.

So, using this information and your personal experience, what mode of transportation would you choose for your next trip?

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