Black jeans are a staple for any sensible wardrobe. But sensible doesn’t always offer the most stylish look.

Think fashionista, not stagehand when pairing the right clothes and accessories with your black denim.

You want your black jeans to highlight your mood not make your outfit fade into the background. Take a look at these casual, flirty, and posh ideas on what to wear with black jeans.

What to Wear With Black Jeans During Summer

Black jeans won’t likely be your first choice during the warmer months. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be paired with an off the shoulder top and colorful earrings during the summer.

Opt for a flowing fabric in solid black or white for your bare shoulder look. The black and white or black and black look makes the colorful earrings pop.

Choose a hairstyle based on the occasion. This outfit works well with an updo if you’re going on a date or to a party in the evening. The updo, combined with high heels makes the look more dressy.

If you’re going to lunch with friends during the day, flat sandals and a low ponytail are both good options to highlight your ensemble.

Casual Black Jeans Look

Black denim is versatile not just because it goes with any color top, but also because it goes with both dressy and casual clothes. Vintage t-shirts are a great option for dark denim because the contrast between black and faded colors is eye catching.

Throw on an old t-shirt with your black jeans when out running errands throughout the day. Paired with ballet flats, this look is stylish without coming across as clumsy.

Put your hair in a messy high bun with stud earrings to complete the outfit.

Black Jeans on Date Night

Jeans make date night more casual and fun. You can still create an upscale look for nice restaurants and shows with the right bling.

Pair dark denim with metallics and rhinestones so that your outfit sparkles in the night. Consider wearing fake diamond rings that look real to add more shimmer against the black jeans.

Silver metals are most common with black jeans, but gold adds a trendy touch that can be incredibly fashionable with the right pieces. Wearing your hair down in deep waves or long braids are the best option for this look.

Experiment with bright lipstick colors like red or pink if you’re planning to go to formal destination. If you’re headed out to a concert, opt for a darker lipstick shade and smokey eyes.

Black Jeans for Every Occasion

Knowing what to wear with black jeans is a challenge when you’re not sure what the weather will be. During transitional months, it’s important to layer for the occasion.

For example, if you have an off the shoulder top on during early spring, you’ll want a light shawl to protect you from possible rain. Being prepared for weather changes helps you keep comfortable and confident while out on the town.

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