Did you know that higher-income households ($50k – $100k annually) were responsible for 60% of the growth in renting over the last decade?

So keeps these higher-income earners renting rather than buying homes? There are many factors behind this interesting choice, but today we’re going to touch on one that may surprise you.

Renting a luxury apartment is a fabulous alternative to buying a property. You get the look and feel of a move-in-ready home without the downpayment or being responsible for potentially expensive maintenance. Let’s break down exactly what makes an apartment luxurious and why you should rent one.

Why Should You Rent a Luxury Apartment?

Why Should You Rent a Luxury Apartment

One of the top reasons to rent a luxury apartment is for its location. Often, these apartments are situated in fabulous neighborhoods and give you access to cafes, restaurants, small businesses, entertainment, and public transit.

A benefit of apartment living we need to think more of these days is the ability to live without owning a vehicle. There are 284.5 million cars on the roads here in the US, and while some are hybrids or electric, a good percentage of those vehicles contribute to global warming.

If everything you need, like groceries, restaurants, shops, and transit to jobs, is just steps away from your home, it eliminates the need for a car. Renting an apartment in a great location is an excellent step towards going green.

Test It Out Before You Commit

How do you know if luxury living is the right choice for you? An excellent way to find out is by renting a luxury apartment for a vacation like the apartments in Byron Bay, Australia.

With all of the craziness that has gone on over the last year, it is a great time to get away from it all. Treat yourself to the break you deserve by booking your trip to New South Wales and staying in Byron Bay. You can rent your luxury apartment here: https://www.thecrestbyronbay.com.au/

What Makes an Apartment Luxurious?

What Makes an Apartment Luxurious

Many apartment buildings like to market themselves as fostering luxury living, but what truly makes an apartment a luxurious one? Let’s break down what you should be looking for in a fabulous rental.


We’re always told not to judge books by their covers, but it is a necessity in this case. The interior of a luxury apartment should be clean and modern with a great layout and updated appliances.

However, it’s not just the inside of the apartment that needs to look fantastic; the exterior needs to be beautiful as well. Is the building tidy, well maintained, and gorgeous? These are all things you should keep in mind when looking to rent an apartment.


It’s not enough just to look pretty; your luxury apartment needs to be secure as well. Does the building have on-site security personnel, a door attendant, a code-lock on the main doors, and 24/7 surveillance cameras? If you’re going to be dropping some serious cash on a rental, it needs to be secure.

Apartment Amenities

Apartment Amenities

Besides aesthetics and security, what does your money get you in terms of amenities? Many of the common amenities in luxury apartments include:

  • Heated swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas
  • Fitness centers
  • Dog parks
  • On-site restaurants or cafes
  • Plenty of storage
  • Doorstep trash removal
  • Secured lockers for packages

Want to Learn More About Luxury Living?

We’ve gone over some of the fantastic reasons that you should rent a luxury apartment today. If you’d like to learn more about travel and luxury living, check out the travel section of our blog!

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