Around nine percent of American households own an RV and this is expected to grow, thanks to the rise in domestic travel.

There’s no greater freedom than taking your RV across the country to discover different communities and enjoy the changing landscape. But buying your own motorhome is the daunting part, especially if you haven’t had previous experience. Perhaps you’re currently in this situation and you’re scratching your head, wondering “what to know before buying an RV?”

Luckily, we’re here to save the day. Here’s everything you need to know about buying your first recreational vehicle.

Outline Your Goals

Have a Plan for Rv trip

The first step in our RV buying guide is knowing your goals. Decide how many people are in your household and whether you’re going to a specific climate. For instance, if you’re planning on staying in colder climates, make sure the RV has a top-quality heating system and new tires.

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Know The RV’s History

One of the top RV buying tips is researching the vehicle’s history. If you’re buying from a private seller, ask for the vehicle’s identification number, or VIN, to learn more about its history. This will tell you whether the RV has been damaged, rebuilt, or even stolen, so there are no nasty surprises.

Inspect The RV


Before you buy an RV, it’s important to inspect the vehicle. Start by examining the roof to check there are no leaks, signs of mold, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand the elements. You should also check the windows and doors so the rubber seals and screens are in good condition, or the private selling is willing to replace any older ones.

Further, take time to inspect the RV’s exterior and note any cracks, bubbles, or bulges as it likely needs to be repaired. The hardest bit is figuring out whether the vehicle’s electrical systems and engine are top-notch, so don’t be afraid to ask for the RV’s service history or book an appointment with a mechanic to give the vehicle the once-over.

Go For A Test Drive

When buying an RV, going for a test drive is a must. Bring a friend so they can be a passenger and tell you whether they notice anything, such as a strange sound or if the seats are uncomfortable. You should also test drive the vehicle on different roadways to determine whether it’s fit for different terrains or if it’s best suited for motorways.

What To Know Before Buying An RV

choosing an RV park

Hopefully, this article has taught you what to know before buying an RV.

Start by outlining your vehicle goals, learn more about the vehicle’s history, and thoroughly inspect the vehicle before sealing the deal. You should also bring a friend along and go for a test drive so you can decide whether it’s a good fit. Good luck with your search!

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