Since telemarketing is an important part of a business operation, you must understand all there is to know about TCPA compliance. And you also want to know all the legal requirements needed to be met to run a legitimate operation. In the case of telephone calls to clients, strangers, and employees, you want to make sure that you follow the laid down rules and regulations as dictated by the regulating authorities. You will find below all there is to know about TCPA compliance and why you should adhere to it strictly.

What is the Telephone Customer Protection Act?

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The TCPA short for telephone customer protection act is responsible for regulating telemarketing calls, text messages, prerecorded calls, unsolicited faxes, and autodialed calls. The federal communications commission (FCC) is the regulatory body that implements the rules and regulations that govern the TCPA. The main aim of TCPA complianceย is the protection of consumer privacy during telemarketing. While businesses are open to using different approaches to woo the interest of the consumers to their products and services, there is a need to follow a professional approach. And this is what the TCPA enforces, that marketers donโ€™t misuse the telemarketing opportunity to reach out to the public.

Cold calling is still an effective means of selling or intimating people about your product and service and surely you donโ€™t want to bombard the same customer about your product and service daily. While you do need to have an idea of your target audience and get the marketing plans right, you will also need to make sure that you use the right communication techniques to pass the message across to the consumer. And in the case of telemarketing will surely need to work with professionals.

Whether it is in a call center or office front desk, you expect that the customer representative should have the right training when it comes to meeting customer expectations. While you can find experienced call center agencies that can help with handling all your telemarketing needs, you can also find consultants that can help train your team on any aspect of the business operation.

What are the Present TCPA Regulations?

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Since it was first signed into law in 1991, there have been amendments to the regulations and the latest amendment was in 2015, when the TCPA Declaratory Ruling and Order was released by the FCC. The TCPA focuses mainly to prevent a telemarketing auto dialer with a prerecorded or artificial voice to make a call to a wireless phone or landline without prior express written consent. Some of the recent changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act include

  • Telephone services allow consumers the ability to block an auto dialer
  • Consumers can revoke the consent at any time either verbally or by putting the number on the National Do Not Call registry.
  • Telemarketers will need express written consent that allows them to leave prerecorded messages on wireless telephones. This link has more on telemarketing skills and techniques to improve your calling.

What TCPA Compliance Means for your Business

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Running a successful business is simply taking care of all the logistics about setting up properly, getting the right team and strategy, and understanding your market. And part of the setting up phase will require you to know the dos and donโ€™ts as it relates to the consumers. With the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you will be making sure that you know all the latest regarding calls made to the consumers and clients. Being compliant with the TCPA could earn you a good rating with the consumers and this could help improve your customer service ratings.

Using an auto dialer could be seen as a negative marketing approach especially seeing as the number of calls made by the second and minutes could have your causing issues for call centers and other mobile phone users. Getting a positive approach to your telemarketing and ensuring that you are TCPA complaint will help avoid cases of lawsuits due to non-compliance with the TCPA.

Getting express written consent and in critical cases getting screenshots from clients could help you if you get into a lawsuit. Having evidence could help your case should you have to defend yourself in court and you want to make sure that you know what constitutes a violation. The most frequent violation of the TCPA is the automated dialing of a number that is in the records of the National Do Not Call registry. The current penalty is set at a fine of $500 for each call violation but you could find plaintiffs calling for a fine of as much as three times that amount depending on the extent of the violations. This page has more on why developing a relationship with a business lawyer is good for your business.

Final Note

Violating the TCPA could have you fined or in serious issues with the FCC and you surely want to avoid this if you plan to focus on running your business. You should occasionally follow up on the act to know whether there have been any adjustments so you can know how to stay compliant with your telemarketing.

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