London is not only the biggest city in the United Kingdom, it is also one of the most important cities across the globe. For any Londoner, it is going to be a tough task to cope with the rapid pace of metro life. A life coach is someone who can empower you to identify your goals and achieve them in different areas of life, such as health, career, relationships, etc.

With expert guidance, you can design a life that is more meaningful and purposeful. When you approach a London life coach, you break through your barriers, prepare to face failure, and realise your goals and plans to achieve success and happiness.

If you have made up your mind to book an appointment with a life coach, you must be wondering what to expect from a life coaching session in London. Here is a small guide:

Structure of a Life Coaching Session

The common structure of a session with a life coach includes:

  • Beginning: Most life coaching sessions start with a pre-consultation that sets the stage for the conversation. The coach will ask you what outcome you expect from the session, whether you have met a coach for the first time or have already had previous sessions.
  • Midway: If you feel satisfied and are comfortable with your initial consultation with the life coach, you can subsequently set up sessions at a pace you prefer – weekly, daily, bi-weekly, or monthly. Generally, you have a lot of flexibility in tailoring your own package with a London life coach. As the sessions move on, they choose relevant techniques and tools to understand your goals and problems better.
  • End: As the session comes to its climax, the coach will check if you see any progress towards achieving your expected outcome. They will summarise the discussion in the end, along with any revelations and key actions they observed during the session.

How is a Life Coaching Session Conducted?

How and where the life coaching session is conducted depends on several factors, such as the client and the coach’s convenience and preference, time of the day, location of the client in London and the coach, etc.

According to research, 89.6% of people feel that face-to-face communication is the most popular, while 42% of coaches use Skype to conduct their coaching sessions in the UK.

Besides, the ongoing pandemic crisis in London has made it difficult for clients to visit a life coach in person; so they can opt for remote sessions from the comfort of their home.

In general, a life coaching session can be conducted at any of the following locations:

  • Face to face life coaching sessions can be held at the coach’s own office or home.
  • The coach and the client may agree to meet at a public place, such as a park, pub, cafΓ©, or restaurant.
  • Walking coaching sessions can be held outdoors in the midst of nature.
  • Voice call is a common remote coaching option, for which you don’t need to have an excellent internet connection.
  • There are many platforms like Zoom and Skype that offer video calling facilities, which are highly convenient and great for coaching sessions.
  • Life coaching on instant messaging is another emerging platform. When your coach posts a question, you have to respond to it at your own convenient time.
  • Most life coaches also adopt frequent check-ins with their clients through voice call to check their comfort and progress.

Time Duration of a Life Coaching Session

A typical life coaching session runs for one hour, but some may last even longer. 90% of the coaches in the UK spend less than 20 hours per week on coaching their clients. Some intensive sessions or kick-off programs may last from 2 hours to a full day, depending on the goal and outcome of the session.

However, some life coaches offer certain top-up sessions for half an hour, aiming to check progress, reigniting motivation, and refocus on the desired results.

How Many Life Coaching Sessions Will Be Required and What is the Cost?

This is a decision you have to make as per your goals and commitment to the process. Some clients benefit from a burst of life coaching sessions for a few days and then wait for a few weeks or months till their next session.

Life coaching in the UK costs an average of Β£50 to Β£90 per session. This rate can vary depending on the number of sessions and their duration. Take a look at the coaching packages offered by expert coaches and contact the one who is most suitable for your requirements and budget.Β  Some popular London life coaches also enable coaching to be accessible for all with economical financial plans.

If you are really serious about reaching your objectives, then commit to the guidance of a life coach who can help you plan your overall progress.

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