Have you been experiencing severe back pain?

If so, you’ve got to find a way to maintain your back health through exercise. But you should also consider chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor is a specialist who can help treat your back pain and help you improve your flexibility.

But have you wondered how to prepare for a chiropractor visit? How do you ensure everything goes well?

Here’s what you can expect at your first chiropractic visit.

Initial Consultation

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When you show up at your chiropractor appointment, you’ll first be asked several questions about your medical history and your current health status. This helps the chiropractor determine what type of treatment works best for your needs.

Even before this initial consultation, you can contact the chiropractor to inquire about what type of treatment they offer. They can give you a rough idea of what to expect at your first chiropractic visit.

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Patient Analysis

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After the initial consultation, you’ll have a patient analysis exam by the chiropractor. With this exam, they’ll assess your physical health and flexibility.

This will include the following:

  • Assessing your muscle strength
  • Assessing your flexibility
  • Checking your range of motion
  • Neurological response
  • Pain threshold

This test might get completed in one session or in several sessions throughout the day. As such, you’ll have to expect your first chiropractic visit to run long and have several breaks in between.

The chiropractor will take time with patient analysis before determining the appropriate treatment. This might be time-consuming, but this is one of the reasons why chiropractors are such a valued service.

Offer a Diagnosis

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The final step before you complete your first chiropractic visit is a diagnosis that your chiropractor will offer. They’ll discuss your current physical state and then let you know about potential treatment options.

During this time, the chiropractor might perform an X-Ray exam to further scrutinize any bone or muscle injury. Once they’ve offered their diagnosis, you can ask questions about the type of treatment.

They’ll let you know how often they feel you should meet. They’ll discuss the procedures for treating your body. They’ll also advise on lifestyle changes you can take to improve your overall health.

After this diagnosis, you can book your next chiropractic visit. Make sure you free up your schedule for regular visits. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might have to see your chiropractor for several months before you start feeling well again.

Prepare for Your First Chiropractic Visit

Now you know what to expect from your first chiropractic visit and why this is such a valuable service to improve your overall well-being.

At the first visit, there’ll be a consultation where you’ll discuss your issues. You can get an idea of what to expect from chiropractic treatment.

You’ll then go through several tests so that the chiropractor can determine the appropriate diagnosis. After the diagnosis, they’ll discuss treatment options and how often you should visit.

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