The number of truck accidents in South Florida seems to be increasing. This is because of the growing number of trucks transporting merchandise and other goods across the state. If you have been in a truck accident in the Sunshine State and sustained injuries, look for the right team of truck accident attorneys in West Palm Beach to help you with your case. You should also take some necessary steps to safeguard your legal rights immediately after being in a truck collision. Here are a few of them.

Essential Actions to be Taken After a Truck Accident


Exchange Information with The Truck Driver

Anyone involved in an accident with injuries is obliged to stop their vehicle and remain at the scene until the authorities arrive. Get information from the truck driver, including their name and address, phone number, and email. Also, note the vehicle registration number and the driverโ€™s license. Write down information on the truck, such as the company that owns and operates it.

Help the Injured

Floridaโ€™s Uniform Traffic Control Law states that whoever is in an accident must render reasonable assistance to those who seem to be injured or asks for help. If needed, call an ambulance and wait for it to arrive.

Report the Crash

Call the police at the scene. In addition to helping the injured, the police will issue a report on the accident, which can be helpful when filing a claim. Answer any questions politely but avoid speculating as to who may be responsible for the collision. The police know how to do their job, and you may end up incriminating yourself.

Truck Accident

Gather Witness Contact Information

If there are any witnesses willing to talk to you, get their contact information. This can help you if you need to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Document The Scene

Take pictures of both vehicles, their damage, and their position on the road. Photograph anything else that may have played a role in the crash, such as debris on the road. Make sure to take pictures of any skid marks as well as your injuries, if there are any.

Get a Medical Checkup


As soon as possible after the accident, get checked out by a medical professional. You may have internal injuries which may not be obvious. Make sure the doctor notes that the injuries are caused by the accident.

Call Your Insurance

Let your insurance provider know about the incident. However, before accepting any offer from them, talk to an accident attorney who can help you place a fair value on your claim and help you fight for your rights to get the compensation you deserve.

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