A big rig accident is one of the most frightening things that can happen to you. One moment you’re driving along peacefully, and the next, a massive vehicle smashes into your car.

The problem is that these large trucks are more dangerous than most other cars on the road. They’re heavier, carry more cargo, are usually driven by a different driver, and, unlike most other cars, don’t have airbags.

If you find yourself in a truck crash and are wondering what to do after a semi-truck crashes into a bridge, you can do a few things to keep yourself safe.

Always buckle up, drive defensively, and have knowledgeable truck blind spots. If an accident occurs, here are a few semi-truck crash rescue tips to help you get out of the wreckage safely.

After the Crash: What to Do Next


If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a semi-truck crash into a bridge, you should first stay calm and assess the situation. If you can, move your vehicle to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights.

Next, you should call 911 and report the accident. Be sure to give your location and the extent of any injuries. Once the authorities arrive, they will take over the situation.

What to Do if You Witness a Semi Truck Crashes Into a Bridge


If you witness a semi-truck crash into a bridge, you must call 911 and stay at the scene. Do not try to move the truck or get the driver out, as this could worsen the situation.

If the truck is leaking fuel, try to keep people and vehicles away from the area to prevent fires. Wait for emergency personnel to arrive and follow their instructions.

If You’re Involved in a Semi-Truck Crash

If you’re involved and don’t know what to do after a semi-truck crashes into a bridge, you should first stay calm and assess the situation. If you’re not seriously injured, try to move your vehicle off of the road to avoid blocking traffic.

Once you’re in a safe location, call and wait for help to arrive. If a semi-truck crashes into bridges and causes damage, you should contact the authorities so that they can inspect the damage and make any necessary repairs.

After a semi-truck crashes into a bridge, contact these truck accident attorneys to help you navigate this complex process and protect your rights. They will also help you recover damages for your injuries, including lost wages and medical expenses.

How to Avoid a Semi-Truck Crash

Truck Accidents

You must know what to do afterward if you’re involved in semi-truck crashes into a bridge accident. If the truck driver is at fault, their insurance should cover the damages.

If the accident was due to a problem with the truck or bridge problem, you might need to file a claim with the trucking company or the government. In any case, staying calm and calling a tow truck or the police to file a report is essential.

Regardless of the cause, semi-truck crashes into bridges can be dangerous. That’s why it’s essential to prepare yourself for what to do if one happens in your area.

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