It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you areย โ€” you can’t predict what will happen on the road.

Believe it or not, there are six million car accidents every year. This is a number you can’t ignore. You need to have a plan in case the worst does happen.

If you don’t know what to do after a car accident injury, this post will help.

Follow the seven steps below to make sure you have everything in order.

1. Check for Injuries

Accident in a Rental Car

Before doing anything after a crash, you need to figure out if anyone involved was injured.

If so, then call 911 immediately.

If you are seriously hurt, then it is smart not to move. Wait on someone else to call emergency services so you can get the help you need. Depending on the injury, you could make things worse by getting up and moving around.

2. Make the Area Safe

It doesn’t matter if your accident was in a populated area or a remote locationย โ€” you need to make sure the accident area is safe.

If you can still drive your cars, then try moving your vehicles to the side of the road. After you move your cars, put on your blinkers, and light the area if it’s dark. Doing this makes sure other drivers know there was an accident and they need to be careful.

Once you have the area secured, it’s important to get on the side of the road to wait for assistance.

3. Call 911

In many cases, the police aren’t called because there isn’t much damage.

The problem with this is you won’t have a police report to send to your insurance company. It’s also legally required in some states.

Filing a police report will give you a record of everything that happened. If the police don’t come to the scene of the accident, then head to the nearest police station to file the report. The report you file will help the insurance company process your claim and give you the benefits you deserve.

4. Document Everything

If you want to make your claim proceed as seamlessly as possible, it’s essential to document everything you can at the scene of the accident.

The more information the insurance company has, the easier it is for them to make a decision.

The first thing to make note of is the damage to your car. Take pictures of all visible damage. Once you have all your car pictures, take photos of any visible injuries that you suffered.

Once you document the damage, exchange information with the other driver. You should exchange names, insurance information, and contact details. If there are any witnesses, try to get their information as well so you can send it to your insurance company.

After the accident, it’s essential to take your vehicle to get inspected. Not all damage to your car may be visible. They will be able to give you an accurate assessment of the total damage to your vehicle.

5. See Your Doctor


Do you think you’re out of the woods if you don’t have any noticeable injuries after your accident?

Unfortunately, this may not be the case.

Many injuries don’t present themselves until days or weeks after the accident. When you get in a wreck, it boosts your adrenaline to higher levels. This process puts your body in fight or flight mode and makes it harder to notice pain.

If you suffer from any neck or spinal cord injuries, then it could lead to long-term health issues. The same is true if you hit your head. You could suffer from a concussion and not know it.

A doctor will be able to help determine if you’re at risk. Your diagnosis will help the insurance companies determine the settlement you get.

6. Report the Accident to Insurance

Depending on how severe the accident is, the claims process may take a while to go through.

To get things started quickly, most people will report the accident while they are on the scene. Doing this gives the insurance company a chance to get the process started immediately.

You should do this even if you weren’t at fault. Reporting the accident immediately allows you to receive benefits while you wait for the other driver’s insurance company to get their side of things done.

Make sure to not discuss injuries and damages with the other driver. You want to only deal with insurance companies when settling accident cases.

7. Get Help

Things don’t always go your way when you’re dealing with insurance.

It’s possible to deal with things on your own. The problem comes when something happens that you don’t have experience with.

In cases like this, you need to find help to increase your chances of getting the insurance benefits you need. A lawyer will be able to help you do that.

A lawyer is even more important when dealing with more severe injuries. An insurance claims adjustor won’t necessarily have your best interest in mind. Their job is to determine how much money the insurance company can get away with paying.

If you don’t have a lawyer, the other driver’s insurance company may be tempted to pay out lower settlements. Companies like this firm can help you get the money you need.

Make a Checklist for What to Do After a Car Accident Injury

It isn’t always simple to keep your cool after you get into a car accident.

But now that you know what to do after a car accident injury, it should be easier to handle the stress that follows. Make sure not to leave anything to chance so you can get the benefits you deserve.

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