Many experts say good sleep is when you get up and out of bed without pain. So, what does it mean when you do wake up in pain?

Although sore shoulders from sleeping aren’t new, you might wonder if it’s due to your habits. While it’s one reason, other factors affect your comfort level when you sleep and wake up.

We’ll cover what you can do to relieve it in this post! Let’s begin.

Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Adjust Your Sleeping PositionOne of the primary causes you wake up with shoulder pain is your sleeping habits and position. And if it isn’t the cause, it only makes it worse.

You can experience numbness or pain in your arm and shoulder when you sleep on your side all night.

The best way to sleep is on your back. That way, you can distribute your body weight and reduce pressure on your shoulders.

Anti-Inflammatories and Pain Relievers

Most would suggest using anti-inflammatories and pain relievers when you feel body pain. The recommended medication includes Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, and others.

Remember that these may work if you only feel mild shoulder pain. If it doesn’t improve in a week or the pain worsens, it’s best to get checked by a doctor.

In some cases, it could be a cause of underlying health complications. So, look for other signs implying it’s more than a simple body ache.

Stretch and Exercise Your Shoulders

Stretch and Exercise Your ShouldersStrengthening your shoulder muscle through exercise is an effective way to relieve pain. You can do quick stretches to increase your range of mobility.

Some exercises include the pendulum stretch, shoulder rolls, and cross-body stretch. A few neck exercises contribute to releasing tension on your shoulders.

Physical therapy also helps relieve shoulder pain, especially when it’s a recurring issue.

Apply Heat or Ice Packs

Heat or ice packs are quick and easy to prepare, making them an ideal solution for minor shoulder pain. If you feel tense or stiff, use a heating pad. Apply an ice pack for inflammation and swelling.

Get a New Mattress or Pillow

Studies show that choosing a mattress with enough firmness reduces pain in adults. So, it may lead to more body pain if it’s too hard or soft.

The same applies to pillows, but they usually depend on your sleeping position. Thin ones are best for back and stomach sleepers, while thick ones are good for side sleepers.

Visit a Chiropractor

If the sore shoulders keep coming back, consider visiting a chiropractor. Your shoulders are one of the most complex joints because of their wide range of motion. So, chiropractic care can help relieve the pain with the proper adjustments.

It’s also treatment for more severe shoulder complications. You can view these chiropractic services to learn even more about how it works and what they offer.

Relieve Sore Shoulders from Sleeping with these Tips

Relieve Sore Shoulders from Sleeping with these TipsShoulder pain can come from improper sleeping habits or other muscle-related complications. Whichever the reason, it leads to discomfort.

Our guide explains how to relieve sore shoulders from sleeping. Browse our blog for more health tips like this!

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