Who doesn’t dream of a beach vacation? Whether you’re going with the family or you plan on partying at the beach, anyone can find fun while in the sand.

But the beach isn’t all sun and fun. We all know some of the imminent dangers, such as sun poisoning and drowning. But there are also some of the small inconveniences that people don’t think of, such as getting sand everywhere.

This is why what you pack is essential to the fun you have at the beach. But what should you pack? Continue reading and know what to bring to the beach.

What to Bring to the Beach: Your Ultimate List

This list includes all of the essentials to pack to the beach. Don’t forget anything!

The Right Protection

Safety first! Even lounging on the beach comes with its own risks. Before we mention anything else, we will go into some of the protection you should bring.


First things first, always bring sunscreen. Even getting one sunburn every two years can triple your melanoma risk! Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going to the beach and reapply sunscreen every two hours.


And what if you do get sunburnt? Bring some aloe vera. The coolness and moisture will expedite your sunburn healing.

Sunglasses and a Hat

This doesn’t seem like a protection item but it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun. Bring your most powerful pair of sunglasses. Make sure they have 100% UV protection.

It’s also a good idea to bring a hat. A hat will protect your face from the sun and will protect your eyes from the bright sunlight.

An Umbrella

Keep in mind, many beaches have umbrellas either for free or for purchase. But you can always bring your own umbrella. This will help further protect you from the sun and will cool you down.

Personal Items

This may seem common sense, but you should always pack your essential personal items. This includes your credit and/or debit cards, cash, your driver’s license or photo ID, and your hotel key (if applicable).

You never know when you’ll be hungry, want to buy souvenirs, and when you’ll want to buy a drink!

Just in case of a medical emergency, it’s also a good idea to bring your health insurance card.

The Right Clothing

This may seem obvious but you should bring your bathing suit. But that’s not the only clothing item to pack.

You’ll be surprised how many restaurants, bars, and stores won’t let you walk around in your bathing suit. Even the ones located on the beach! This is why you should always bring a bathing suit cover-up.

Even an extra pair of shorts and a t-shirt will ensure you won’t be kicked out.

Some countries, such as Greece, have extremely hot sand. This is why you’ll need a pair of flip flops when walking around on the sand.

Other Beach Necessities

The beach won’t provide all of your necessities. You’ll want to bring plenty of towels.  If you don’t want to deal with a sandy towel, beach chairs are easy to set up and are comfortable.

If you have kids, you’ll want to bring beach toys. This includes surfboards and boogie boards. If they plan on swimming, beach goggles will ensure their eyes won’t sting from the saltwater. Some beaches allow floats and floaties.

You can’t have alcohol on the beach in designated areas. But feel free to bring water bottles and snacks! You’ll need a cooler to keep all of your food and beverages cool.

If you’re taking a beach vacation in the U.S., you can pick up any U.S. made coolers at a local store.

Have a Fun Beach Day!

In order to have a fun beach day, you should know what to bring to the beach. You don’t need to pack the whole house. But the right supplies will ensure you have the best time.

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