Are you aware that 88 percent of users won’t return to a website after a bad experience? The internet has granted a lot of people a lot of things, but there’s one clear thing that it doesn’t grant: second chances.

If you want to succeed in business in 2021, you need to have a great website capable of pumping out killer content.

You’re going to need some help in creating a website if you want to do it well. But before you get into that world, you should know a bit about the website development process.

This article will alk you through everything you need to know about the web development process, so you can crush it with your web developers.


User-Friendly Website

If you’re worried that website designers will simply ignore you and run away with their own ideas β€” don’t. The website design process is highly collaborative. If you work with a trustworthy web developer, they’ll make sure they understand what you want.

The first step of website design is outlining. In this stage, your web development company will find out exactly what your goals as a business are and how you intend to extend them with your website. This will help them bake your philosophy into their design.

They’ll also ask you about your target audience and your competitors. Different demographics of people will respond to different designs, so the designers need to know this information. They also need to know whether they should try to go head to head with your competitors in certain respects or design your site differently from the bottom up.


How to Improve a Website

Once your website is thoroughly outlined, the designers will begin to plan and map.

In this stage, they’ll create various mock-ups of your site, so you can understand how the site is going to look. They’ll create a sitemap, which will help you get a birds-eye look at your site.

They may even create this site map with pencil and paper. They do this so that you can understand how your website will interface with the real world.

Physical, real-world models are wonderful because they help you look at your website almost like a building. They’ll help you understand the importance of structure and how to optimize your moving between different pages or “rooms” of your site.

In this phase, your designer will also create wireframes. Sitemaps are an overview of your whole site, but wireframes are detailed mock-ups of each individual page.

This will help you understand the experience of your site before it’s ever created. By breaking the content into different parts of these different rooms, you’ll understand how your web design company is planning to avoid overwhelming the customer with information.

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WB Digital

The next phase of web development is the actual “designing” of the site.

Your website design company, in this phase, will incorporate your business branding, colors, and aesthetics into your website. This is where they’ll make use of their knowledge of design principles and color theory.

They’ll want to get your brand colors into the website as much as possible. However, they’ll also need to create levels of visual interest without causing a clash.

On top of all of that, at this stage, they’ll be working on adding in everything your website needs to run, as well as all of your specifications.

Putting all of these things together and making sure they all gel is the unique and advanced job of a web designer.

If you happen to have a brand book with examples of the color pallet, iconography, and design styles that your business often uses, they’ll make sure to work this in. If not, they’ll analyze your products, advertising, in-person store, etc., to make sure that they’re creating a design you’re satisfied with.



This is the point in the process where the things that are going to make up your website come to fruition.

If you plan on having your business’s story easily accessible, someone will be hired to write this. If you want to have picture or video content of your employees, that content will need to be created.

On top of this, web designers will field testimonials from your customers, set up blog posts so you can start a company blog, and create product/service descriptions for whatever it is that you sell.


types of websites

After all of the content is created and the site is planned, the only major thing left to do is to create the site itself.

In this phase, web designers will handle all the practicals and get your site up and running. Much like the design of a physical building, it takes a lot of advanced skills to make sure an online destination works well.

But it doesn’t stop at the development of the website the first time around. Your web design company will also test the website out and make sure that they don’t find any bugs.


When your site has been designed, created, and developed, the last thing to do is to launch it to the public. Your web design company will help you create a launch date so that your customers can get excited that your company is getting online.

Very likely, your web design company will be working up to the last minute on your site to make sure that it’s as solid as possible when customers get on it.

Understand The Website Development Process

As you can see, when you break the elements down, there’s nothing scary about the website development process.

At the end of the day, you don’t have anything to worry about if you choose a reliable website design company. Partner yourself up with someone who can walk you through the steps, and your site is sure to do well.

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