During the pandemic when everyone was locked down in their houses and couldn’t leave, even if they wanted to, some clever businesses were cashing in on this. Everyone reverted to the internet to start shopping and buying things they had never even purchased before. People had a lot more time as they stopped their commutes to work and set up home offices, couldn’t socialize so took to the internet instead and spent more time with their families. So, it’s interesting to see what online businesses boomed during Covid, here are some of the most popular…

Online Sex Shops Boomed

Online sex shops boomed

The more time people spend at home, the more they have time for other activities and trying out new things. There was a rise in online sex shop orders, as couples had extra time in the morning and evening to take it to the bedroom, and those living on their own had more ‘me’ time for masturbation. More online sex shops were popping up and those who already existed got more orders. After lockdown and the pandemic, there were more pregnancies due to everyone being locked in and having time to get jiggy.

All the restaurants were closed during the pandemic, meaning supermarkets were selling out of lots of items. Online orders were useful for those who didn’t want to leave the house due to being high risk or living far out. It was easier to order food shops online than come into contact with others in the supermarkets while trying to keep a 2-meter distance and wearing masks.

Food Delivery Services Were Relied On

Food delivery services were relied on

During the pandemic, all restaurants were closed and people were still working, so not everyone wanted to cook every single evening of the week. Delivery services like Deliveroo were non-stop with some restaurants opening for takeaway. Small coffee shops did the same and weren’t exactly booming but were trying to stay afloat by relying on customers out on their daily walks.

Hand Sanitiser Product Became The New Must-Haves

Not surprisingly, hand sanitizer companies were popping up everywhere and the companies that already sold them were selling out. The bacteria panic was real and nobody would leave the house without their sanitizer, this was one of the only items making people feel safe when they left their houses, along with their masks.

Alcohol Stores Replaced Pubs And Bars

Alcohol stores replaced pubs and bars

The longer we were locked in during the pandemic, the more we wanted to drink. Bars and pubs were closed meaning liquor and alcohol stores were the only source of alcohol, and lots of people dealt with the lockdown with alcohol. The UK culture relies on going out for fun on the weekends and drinking, so many people found this difficult and were drinking their sorrows away at home.

It isn’t too surprising that these industries have boomed during the pandemic and it was a good time for them to cash in. Many smaller online businesses were also created during the pandemic and are now still successful, due to all the mayhem. We still aren’t sure what the future will hold and if a lockdown like the first one will happen again but these businesses are likely to start cashing in again if this does happen.

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