Whether you’re looking to land a job interview or nab an acting gig, professional headshots are of utmost importance. These photographs help to convey your nature and personality, familiarizing you to hiring managers and casting advisers who have never met you before.

Are you hoping to take some headshots to help further your career? Need assistance in doing so? Here are some tips and tricks for taking your next headshot.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is hugely important when it comes to shooting headshots. Utilizing either natural or artificial light will bring out the features in your face, and will also bring a nice glow to your eyes.

When using this light, try to illuminate it in a straight-on manner. Doing so will distribute it evenly throughout the shot.

Prioritize the Eyes

When taking headshots, it’s of utmost importance that you place priority on the eyes. After all, they’re what draws people in or turns people away.

Make sure that, when taking your shots, you avoid blurring around the eyes. Also ensure that the eyes are open, inviting, and looking directly at the camera. All of the best headshots contain direct eye contact.

Use an Appropriate Lens

One of the most important headshot tips is to use an appropriate lens on your camera. The type of lens you use will have a large effect on your face angle, your background, and the overall quality of your photo.

It’s recommended that, when shooting headshots, you use a lens of around 85 mm. A lens of this size keeps background space to a minimum and ensures that the person being photographed is the center of attention.

Capture Natural Expressions

Often times, when people take headshots, they end up sporting stoic and unnatural faces. This is not the stuff of good headshots. Instead, when taking headshots, you want to look as natural as possible.

You might be able to fake a natural expression. However, your best bet is to pull out natural expressions through natural conversation.

Making a few jokes can bring out a natural smile. Discussing serious issues can bring out a quizzical expression. Act natural in front of the camera, and you will end up with natural-looking headshots.

Utilize Professional Services

If you’re really serious about your headshots, your best bet might be to utilize the services of a professional photographer. There are photographers out there who make headshots their specialty.

These photographers know everything there is to know about the headshot process. They know which lens to use, they know how to arrange lighting, they know how to establish a quality background, and they know how to capture genuine expressions.

Learn more about the services of photographers now.

Get a Good Headshot?

Did the above-discussed tips help you to get a good headshot? We certainly hope that it did.

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