Are you thinking about becoming a lawyer or wondering what makes a good lawyer? It’s understandable. The workplace today is competitive and you will no doubt want to know what attributes you need to have that advantage over your competitors. But it’s about more than that.

It’s about wanting to do your job properly and to know that you’ve done your best to get the right result for your clients.

So whether you’re planning on becoming a defence lawyer or a prosecution lawyer here’s everything you need to know about the characteristics of a lawyer.

1. Dedicated

A good lawyer is one who is dedicated to their job. To get to the job you first need to study hard. You don’t just need to get a law degree you often also need to complete a masters degree and continue with education throughout your life.

You have to be dedicated and committed to your subject and you have to know and understand relevant case law to be able to succeed. This means many late nights studying.

You also have to prepare for your cases when you do eventually find yourself at court as a trainee. This means extensive reading and a breadth of understanding that many people would bulk at. Knowledge of the law is one of the traits of a good lawyer.

2. Rational

Above all lawyers are rational people. They think through all the outcomes of a situation.

They consider the arguments that the opposing side might present and try to steer a path through that will secure them the best outcome with calmness and reason, not emotion and anger.

This might mean making moral compromises or pushing through with the case even when many are convinced you are going to lose.

3.Cool Under Pressure

A good lawyer needs to be cool under pressure. They have to handle the pressure of their clients who want the best outcome for themselves as well as their opponents who will try to get the better of them in court.

They cannot crack under pressure but should instead create a system for dealing with challenging cases and times when they will feel like quitting.

Thinking rationally and having a support system in places such as family and friends and other colleagues are important here. What should also dive aspiring lawyers is the thrill of the job itself.

You might also find there are times when there is very little work and you will need to stay calm whilst undertaking lead generation for lawyers to boost the number of clients. One way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What Makes a Good Lawyer?

What makes a good lawyer? An answer is a number of qualities that many people would shy away from. This include extensive and committed studying over a number of years.

Being a lawyer also requires you to be rational. You need to look at a situation and be able to try to steer your way towards the best outcome and to set aside any emotion you might have that could get in the way.

Linked to this is your ability to act cool under pressure.

If you are interested in reading more about the qualities of a good lawyer or what makes a good lawyer then be sure to check out the rest of the site.

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