The latest statistics show that over 5 million homes sell per year. Real estate varies depending on location, so if you’re selling, you’re probably not the only one.

How do you stand out and get the sale quickly for the price you want? You need a good selling strategy. Want to sell your rental property and how to do it? It’s difficult but we’ve outlined different scenarios for selling a rental property in southern California is an absolute must.

There are some tried-and-true methods for getting top dollar fast when it comes to selling your home.

This article walks you through some of the best home-selling strategies

Location, Location, Location

Location does matter when it comes to selling your home, but what if your home isn’t in the best location? Think of everything about the location that made it attractive to you when you bought it.

Where are the best restaurants? What kind of shopping opportunities are close by? Is there a library, park, or another type of attraction?

Come up with a list of things you love about the area and highlight them in your real estate listings and advertisements.

Are you in the middle of the country with no nearby conveniences? That’s okay. That feature draws a certain type of buyer, so market it as a quiet hideaway.

Curb Appeal

Follow these steps to get top dollar fast. If you don’t have time for cleaning and repairs, you can sell your house as is to a professional.

Many people enter the house through the garage and never take a critical look at the front of their own house. Curb appeal is a major part of any selling strategy.

If a potential buyer drives up to the home and the front looks unkempt or neglected, they may not bother looking further. Can they find the house? Are the house numbers visible?

Mow the lawn, clean the yard, and Trim any large overhanging branches. Big branches often block light coming into the house and most people like a lot of natural light inside the home.

Put the trash bins out of sight. Overflowing recycle and trash bins are a real turn off, and they make the yard look cluttered.

Home Exterior

Is the front door tired and worn? A fresh coat of paint on the door is easy and inexpensive. Add a couple of small plants on each side of the door for a homey look.

Do you have furniture on the front porch? Clean, tidy, and rearrange with the aim of making the porch look big and uncluttered.

Clean the outside of all your windows. It’s a chore but several layers of dirt and grime keep light from getting inside.

A quick pressure wash of the home’s exterior, walkways, and the driveway is another easy way of making things look clean and inviting.

Home Interior

Staging a property is another good selling strategy. You can pay a company to stage your home or do it yourself.

Because of the current pandemic (COVID-19), staging has gone virtual nowadays. Virtual tours and home staging can be performed even without actual face-to-face interaction with potential buyers. Instead of physically touring your house, you can take your potential buyers on a virtual tour through a video call or via live streaming. There are also virtual tour and home staging platforms and apps available for this purpose.

Staging is more than just cleaning. There are several things involved.


This is more than your run-of-the-mill cleaning. This is hard-core deep cleaning and tidying.

Clean the insides of all the windows since this lets in more light.

Declutter every room. Clean off all counters and keep as little as possible on them when showing the house. The kitchen and bathroom counters should have as few appliances on them as possible.

Do you keep a lot of things crammed onto your bookshelves? Now is the time to thin the books. Artfully arrange books and knick-knacks leaving lots of open space.

Clean the closets. If you have too much stuff put some of it in storage for now. When clothes so tight together you can’t move them, the closets appear smaller.

Are your walls damaged, dinged, or dirty? Consider a fresh coat of paint.

Painting takes some time and effort but it’s an affordable upgrade if you do it yourself. A fresh coat of paint makes the house feel cleaner.

If you don’t want to paint, clean the walls with warm water on a damp sponge. If you have any bright accent walls, consider painting those to match the other walls. If you have leftover paint, touch up any dings in the paint.


Make the beds with neutral bedding. Add some pretty throw pillows with a pop of color.

Put fluffy, clean, neutral towels in the bathrooms. Scrub every inch of the bathroom until it shines. Eliminate any mold or mildew.

Remove personal photos, religious, and political items. Make the home as neutral as possible so potential buyers can picture themselves living there.

Seasonal fresh flowers in vases give people a good feeling. They add charm and beauty while bringing the outdoors in.

Do you have a dining room table? Set it with cloth napkins and your best china. Put some candlesticks or fresh flowers on the table as well.

Light and Bright

Do whatever you can to brighten up the house. Substitute heavy drapes for light, gauzy curtains. Open up all the blinds.

When potential buyers are coming, turn on all the lights. Use the brightest bulbs possible in all your light fixtures.

Rearrange Furniture

Are you using the spare bedroom as a gym or an office? Rearrange the furniture so the rooms are well-defined. A bedroom with a closet should look like a bedroom.

If you have too much big, overstuffed furniture, put some of it in storage for now. Ensure that the home is easy to walk through and has a nice flow. Walking in and around clusters of furniture makes the home feel cramped and small.

The Best Selling Strategy

You might not have time to do everything on this list, but it’s a great selling strategy. Selling your home starts at the curb with a beautiful front door and a clean, well-maintained yard.

When it comes to the interior, cleanliness gets your home sold faster. Declutter and clean as much as possible even if it means putting a few things in storage. Think open, airy, light, and bright.

Selling Your Home As-Is

If you can’t afford repairs and renovations, or you don’t have time to repaint and redesign your home, don’t worry, there’s still a way to sell your house quickly—sell it as-is! If you aren’t aware, there are home-buying companies that buy houses for cash no matter what condition they’re in. If you’re in Idaho, you can sell house fast for cash Caldwell

Selling your property as-is is a lot faster than the traditional home selling process. The best part is there are no fees and commissions, and you don’t need to repair your house! The process is simple and pretty quick. You don’t have to do a staging or take people on tours, and you can close the transaction in just 7-14 days. How convenient is that?

Following this selling strategy will get your home sold quickly for top dollar.

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