Using a traditional landline for your business is becoming less commonplace. It’s likely that you only rely on your smartphone for making calls.

So what is a great alternative to the landline?

You should consider using a VoIP service. If you’re wondering what is a VoIP service and why you should consider it for your business or home.

We have put together this informative guide to help you get started.

What is a VoIP Service and Why You Should Use One

VoiP Services have really changed the game of telecommunications. They have made it much easier to communicate with others across the globe.

Here’s what you need to know about using VoIP services:

1. VoIP Vs Landline

There are a few similarities between VoIP and a landline – as both operate with microphones and a speaker. The main difference is that your landline converts the sound vibrations to an electrical frequency. The phone’s speaker is what reproduces and emits the sound (or voices).

A VoIP phone, on the other hand, provides the sound as a digital file and shares them over an internet connection.

2. You Can Still Use Your Old Phone

While it won’t always work, there are many cases where you can use your current landline or analog phone to connect with a Phone over internet service.

You can use a VoIP adapter to connect your analog phone to a SIP phone service which is the type of phone that uses a VoIP service.

Analog phones may still not be the most reliable and may not be able to use all of the features as a SIP phone. We strongly recommend that you invest in a SIP phone. You may wish to start by using an analog phone to see if you like the VoIP service.

Then, if you’re convinced, make the switch to using a SIP phone.

3. You Can Use Your Smartphone

Your smartphone can use a VoIP service to make calls. As smartphones can connect to the internet, all you would have to do is register for a VoIP service and install the corresponding app on your smartphone.

You may find that it’s preferable to use the VoIP app over your smartphone’s actual calling services. VoIP is more reliable, can reach international callers, and is often far more affordable.

If you want to have a dedicated business number where your clients can call you during business hours, then you should use a VoIP service. Your dedicated phone number will be saved to your account. When a client dials the number it’ll ring on your smartphone and you’ll be speaking directly through the VoIP app.

4. You Can Use a Softphone

A physical phone is referred to as a ‘hard phone.’ VoIP technology has also brought about the concept of a softphone.

If you use a software application such as Skype, Zoom, or even Facebook Messenger – you are using a softphone. A softphone is simply an application that has telephonic capabilities. You will find that they are often free or very affordable in comparison to your mobile phone or home/office phone plan.

They can also be more reliable and have additional functions such as instant messaging, sharing files, among others.

5. It’s Best for Managing Remote Employees

As remote work is becoming more popular, you want to find the best solution for communicating with your employees. VoIP is the best solution.

With VoIP, you can speak to multiple employees at once – such as hosting a virtual conference call or meeting. You can also communicate with your employees if they are abroad (such as in the case of digital nomads).

As VoIP is affordable and free in many cases, you can also ensure that your employees will be able to communicate with you – there’ll be no excuses for bad phone service etc.,

6. It Works Well With Customer Relationship Management

VoIP services work well with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). If your customers need to communicate with your customer support staff, its far more effective to use a VoIP service than traditional phone lines.

Through a VoIP dashboard, your customer support agent can take a call. They can also take notes, share a screen, and send files. They can also record calls or record transcriptions of the discussion.

VoIP applications also have many other features that work well with CRM. These include business analytics, call routing, voicemail to email integration, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

You are also able to handle calls at a much faster rate. This means that you can address the customer’s issues much quicker. You will be able to resolve issues at a faster rate and thus, get through more customer issues than with a traditional landline.

7. It’s International

As we’ve hinted at, VoIP services make it easier to communicate with others globally. You will be able to speak to your employees and other staff members no matter where they are. You will also be able to reach out to customers all over the world.

For your customer support staff, you will truly have an international team. You will be able to hire staff from different locations and who speak different languages. This way, you can localize support for customers in different locations.

8. It’s Great for Call Centers

As we’ve discussed, VoIP is perfect for creating a call center. All you will need apart from the VoIP service are a collection of phones (preferably SIP phones).

You can also provide each call center agent with a computer. Through each computer, they can use a softphone to communicate. This can be in addition to, or instead of, using a SIP phone.

Make sure you also provide them with high-quality VoIP headsets which are highly recommended for listening and sending clear audio to the receiver of the call.

As VoIP can also be installed on a mobile device, each call center agent can have the service on their smartphones. This way they aren’t stuck to their desk all day!

Give VoIP a Try!

Now that you know what is a VoIP service, you should give the service a try! Invest in a VoIP service, purchase a few SIP phones, and you’ll see the difference it does for your business.

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