All of us enjoy soaking up the rays of the sun. However, this pastime can often come at a price in regards to how ultraviolet rays damage the skin over time. The process itself is known as photoaging. Photoaging is caused by UV-related damage. Symptoms can include premature aging, dryness, a lack of elasticity, and wrinkles. In severe cases, photoaging can contribute to skin cancer. It just so happens that the processes mentioned above are directly related to the UV index.

What does this index measure? How is it related to safely obtaining a tan? Why is sunscreen critical if you hope to retain young and radiant skin? Each of these topics will be discussed immediately below.

UV Index Risk Color
0-2 Low Green
3-5 Moderate Yellow
6-7 High Orange
8-10 Very high Red
+11 Extreme Violet

What Does UV Index Mean?

Originally developed in 1992, the UV index (UVI) is simply a measurement of the intensity of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun at a specific time. This index is represented by an incremental series of numbers ranging from 0 to 10. A rating of zero indicates that no UV radiation is present. A rating of 10 equates to the strength of the midday sun when a clear sky is present.

What UV Level Is Safe?

What UV Level Is Safe

This index was primarily designed in order to provide individuals with an easy way to appreciate the dangers to their skin (and therefore, the risk of photoaging). However, the term “safe” is somewhat relevant. Factors will include:

  • The tone of your skin.
  • Β Whether or not you have applied a trusted sunscreen.
  • The amount of time you spend outdoors.
  • Whether or not your skin is properly hydrated.

However, most experts agree that levels between 0 and 2 are safe to remain outdoors without being concerned about the impacts of ultraviolet rays.

What Is The Best UV Index To Tan?

What Is The Best UV Index To Tan

Many of us take advantage of the summer in order to obtain some much-needed skin color. It, therefore, stands to reason that a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation will be necessary. Levels between 3 and 7 are generally considered to be ideal if you wish to obtain a tan. Still, remember that the higher end of this spectrum can cause photoaging if sunscreen is not worn. IDSIN, experts in photoaging and suppliers of quality skin care products, have developed a line of proprietary mineral sunscreens so that your skin will remain protected while out and about.

What Is The Highest UV Index In The World?

Highest UV Index In The World

Believe it or not, there are times when this index can rise well above the standard cap of 10. This occurred in 2003 when a reading of 43.3 was recorded atop the Bolivian volcano Licancabur. Such readings occurred as a result of extremely depleted ozone within the local area. This was actually similar to the amount of radiation that would be received when standing on the surface of Mars!

Appreciating the relationship between photoaging and the UV index is the best way to protect your skin while still enjoying a healthy tan. Feel free to refer back to this information when needed.

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