Are you looking to buy your best first handgun? Are you wondering what is the best beginner handgun in the market today?

The number of best handgun ownership in the United States continues to rise. Incidentally, the COVID-19 pandemic is helping push gun purchases in the country. Just last March, the FBI recorded over 3.7 million firearm background checks.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a firearm. Know about gun laws in your region and the right weapon for you before making a purchase. is a great resource for gun and scope related information, and we’ve covered more about Gun Laws in this article.

Ten Best Handgun for Beginner

It was the highest number over the past two decades.

Though securing a firearm may be popular today of best beginner handgun, there are key factors you need to consider before buying one. Moreover, it is a must that you invest in the best first handgun pistol available.

But with so many options to choose from best beginner handgun, how can you tell which ones are the best first handgun from the rest?

Continue reading below as we give you 10 of the best beginner handgun options today and also know the gun safety for everyone.

1. Ruger LCR9 (9mm)

As a novice, you might want to start small. And the best way to do so is through a trusty handgun like the Ruger LCR9. This 9mm revolver is an excellent option if you want something small and easy to carry.

It measures 4.5โ€ in height and comes with a 1.87โ€ barrel length. Moreover, it is one of the safest revolvers out there, thanks to its double-action-only trigger. This feature requires a long pull, which keeps you from accidentally firing the best handgun.

Additionally, it comes best beginner handgun with impressive stopping power.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P9

If you are looking for something that offers versatility, this is the handgun for you. The Smith & Wesson M&P9 features ambidextrous controls. It would be the best first handgun for you. This means the learning curve is short even for left-handed shooters.

It comes with an ergonomic design without many rough edges. Furthermore, this handgun is one of the lightest options, making it an easy favorite among beginners. Despite its lightweight construction, it scores high in terms of durability.

Because of these features, this best handgun is also a great option for sporting and law enforcement use.

3. Springfield XD Mod 2 (Service Model)

This handgun separates itself from its contemporaries through its striker-fired design. This means it doesnโ€™t feature any hammer. As a result, you will not have any problems snagging your belt when drawing it from your holster.

When it comes to safety, the handgunโ€™s aggressive texturing reduces the chances of the gun slipping from your hands. Additionally, it comes with trigger and grip safeties that come in handy during pressure-packed situations.

The Design is Amazing

As for the design, the XD Mod 2 offers a full grip for better handling and control. Moreover, it comes with a compact barrel.

This makes it a perfect handgun for concealed carrying. Of course, in states with strict pistol laws, you might need a stronger alternative. Your best option then is to find the best self defense rifles available.

4. Glock G19X G5

No list of the worldโ€™s best handgun for beginners is complete without a Glock handgun. This time, it is the G19X G5 that makes one of two representations of the brand.

What is interesting about this handgun is that it is a cross-over pistol of some sort. It features the frame of the Glock 17 while the slide comes from the Glock 19. This design offers more control to the carrier while ensuring easy concealment.

Furthermore, you will get to enjoy a better grip through its rising grooves on the handle. Additionally, it is one of the best handgun options if you wish to master quick reloading because of its 17-round magazine.

5. Kahr CW9 (9mm)

Like the Springfield XD Mod 2, the Kahr CW9 is a striker-fired pistol that is best first handgunย  and perfect for firearms training. It also carries a reputation of being a handgun that never jams. Newbies will find this feature beneficial especially in the middle of tight situations.

It is also lightweight and easy to carry and conceal. Weighing just under a pound, you can fit the Kahr CW9 inside a regular-sized pocket.

Also, it features a design that makes it easy to load and fire. And with only a few visible moving parts, the CW9 is easily one of the best first handgun for beginners.

6. Sig Sauer P320

Another excellent striker-fired pistol, the P320 makes the cut in terms of meeting the standards of uniformed servicemen. The U.S. Army uses this model as the sidearm for their soldiers.

As for its key features, the P320 comes with interchangeable components. This gives you more flexibility when customizing the firearm to fit the size of your best first handgun.

Moreover, it doesnโ€™t come with any external safety or de-cocking lever. This will help keep you from snagging the firearm on the draw.

7. Smith & Wesson Model 686+

Another entry from Smith & Wesson is the Model 686+. The typical S&W revolver holds up to 6 rounds. But with the โ€œ+โ€, this handgun can carry up to 7 rounds.

It also features a 4โ€ barrel, which is just about the right length if you want to maintain ample control. It can also fire .38 Special or .357 Magnum rounds. The best first handgun one yields manageable recoil while the second one is more powerful.

8. Beretta PX4 Storm

If you want something that will help develop your aim, the PX4 Storm is one of your best first handgun bets. It comes with a 3-dot sight system that helps you aim especially in the firing range. It also features interchangeable backstraps for grip customization.

But the highlight of this handgun is the automatic firing pin block. This safety feature blocks the firing pin whenever the gun is in your holster. This keeps you from inadvertently discharging the gun.

9. Glock 43

Like the best first handgun S&W Model 686+, the Glock 43 also carries a 6 + 1 round capacity. But despite its ability to carry more rounds, it is still one of the lightest handguns at 1.25 pounds.

Also, it is easy to carry and conceal, thanks to its 3.41โ€ barrel. Furthermore, it features an ambidextrous grip. Easily, this is one of those handguns that do not complicate things for newbies but still packs a punch.

10. Heckler and Koch VP9

Last but not least is this neat offering from Heckler and Koch. At 1.5 pounds, the VP9 is lightweight. Nevertheless, it can carry up to 16 rounds, reducing your number of reloads.

Also, it comes with 3-dot sights that glow in the dark. This makes the VP9 arguably the best beginner handgun for nighttime protection.

Go Beyond the Best Beginner Handgun

Securing the best beginner handgun requires patience, research, and due diligence. With this guide, you can trim down your options and complete your search faster. And once you find the right best first handgun, your learning should never stop.

Expand your knowledge by checking our other articles from law section . We provide tips and discuss topics that will help you become the best gun owner you can be.

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