In the world of transportation, real estate, hospitality, and leisure, the term “snowbirds” is well-known. It describes people who take a secondary residence in a state with a milder climate during winter, and move there temporarily, during the cold season.

The migration of “snowbirds” is a well-known phenomenon in Florida and other parts of the Southern US. This pattern of migration is explained by residents in areas with harsh winters wanting to spend the cold season in a milder climate. They take off close to Autumn or Winter and spend on average 6 months a year in their secondary residence.

Snowbird Auto Transport

Many residents in the North who spend the winter months in Florida and other Southern states prefer hiring an auto transport company to ship their vehicles ahead, while they usually get to their destination by airplane.

This migration brings auto transport companies a steady flow of customers each year, making Summer the peak of business for most of them. You can find more information on this topic in this article that explains the benefits of snowbird auto transport.

For people who move to their secondary residence every year, transport companies offer loyalty programs that ensure an affordable price, even for long-distance transportation. Let’s see how far these residents travel to enjoy milder weather during the cold season.

Common Snowbird Routes

South and Northeast, more precisely New York to Florida and vice versa, is the most common route for auto transport used by snowbirds. A lot of these residents choose transportation companies that can ship their vehicles and also offer transportation services for their cargo.

Hiring the same company for all their transportation needs is an advantage since it can bring them discounts and a simpler logistics plan.

How to Prepare to Be a Snowbird

If you are considering being a snowbird yourself, there are some tips that will make the transition to this lifestyle easier. The goal in preparing for it is to be sure you are choosing the right place to stay for a few months, making sure you’ll be able to deal with everything back home, and finding a good transport company for shipping services.

Using electronic billing, choosing someone who can intervene in case of emergencies while you’re away from home, winter-proofing your home before you leave, and planning your trip are some of the things you have to take care of beforehand.

Since being a snowbird is all about enjoying your time as much as you can, it’s worth taking it all one step at a time and taking all the necessary measures to make the trips back and forth smooth and affordable.

Once everything is settled, it’s time to enjoy your new activities in the South and start making new friends!

Do You Need an Auto Transport Company?

If you are planning on relocating during the cold months, then it’s best to hire a reputable company to transport your belongings and your car to your winter home. With A-1 Auto Transport, you can rest assured that your cargo is in good hands.

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