Are you a bookie who is looking to take his business online?  Perhaps the Vegas grind has made you weary and tired? You don’t have to fret since there are a gigantic amount of pph sites for bookmakers out there in today’s gambling climate.  

Transition to Pay Per Head

You can make the transition from pounding the pavement and manning the phone for 20 hours a day (especially during football season) to sitting back and running your bookmaking business smoothly.  Perhaps you are not currently a bookie but you are looking to get into the lucrative business and want a simple solution and a fast learning curve?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then pay per head betting is definitely for you.

PPH works for All Involved

Not only is pph betting a great new way of doing business for bookies, it’s also better for you gamblers out there.  Think about it. You don’t have to run around every Saturday during college football or Sunday with the NFL games having a phone strapped to your ear.  Or, when you are doing your weekly gambling on hockey, baseball, basketball or whatever else floats your boat, you can simply do it from with the ease of your laptop or cell phone internet service.  In the meantime, your bets will be inputted faster and you’ll have more time to cheer with your buddies or hang out with the kids.

Pay Per Head Betting Service

PPH betting sites offer a great service to those who want to move online, such as the Sportsbook and Online Casinos.  These platforms will be your go to entities for major profits in your business. The reputable pph companies will offer just about every sport like those mentioned above and others like soccer, kickboxing, and of course the ponies (horse racing).  

One great benefit of starting your pph site is that some of the companies out there offer a free trial.  This will give you some time to figure out if switching to the online gambling world is right for you. You’ll get to learn the ins and outs of running an online bookmaking business without worrying that you’re throwing your hard earned cash away.  

Tricks of the PPH Trade

You know the saying “You get what you pay for.” right?  Well, that should be on the forefront of your mind when you are selecting a pph company to guide you.  The general rule is that if the site is offering you only 8 bucks a head or less, then they are probably a pump in dump business and you will most likely not succeed. is used by many of these pay per head sites to send sms messages to their customers.  Two of the major problems with these types of companies are using the wrong lines on games and not being able to handle a great amount of traffic on your site and subsequently, bets aren’t able to be placed in time.  This means you lose money.

So take these thoughts into consideration and do your research before you choose the pph site to represent your bookmaking business.

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