Are there any numbers out there that you feel like you see a lot? Whether it’s in telephone numbers, street signs, or newspapers? If you have this deep feeling that there’s a number that’s following you around, you may have very well discovered your angel number. Do you find what is my angel number?

But exactly what are angel numbers? And what do they mean? Continue reading to learn more.

What Is My Angel Number?

According to the experts at, our guardian angels are constantly trying to communicate with us. However, they don’t have the ability to communicate with us simply by talking. So instead, they use symbols, specifically numbers, to guide us through life.

Numerology (like soul urge number) tells us that every number has a meaning that goes deeper than just its quantitative value. Every number has its own specific mean and correlates to a vibrational frequency where our guardian angels live.

When you know what these numbers represent, you can figure out what your guardian angels are trying to get you to do or avoid.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, the human mind is connected to the rest of the universe via the collective unconscious. This is how strange coincidences occur and how our guardian angels are able to show us certain numbers.

What Does Your Angel Number Mean?

We’ll look at individual numbers below to give you a basic understanding of how number of angels work.

Angel number 0 is related to the concept of eternity. Essentially, your angel is letting you know that you’re on the correct path and you should continue that way.

Angel number 1 means that you need to have more confidence in yourself and start trusting your intuition.

Angel 2 number, on the other hand, is telling you to do some self-reflection. It also means that you may be doing things due to pressure from other people, and you need to take the time to figure out what’s best for you.

Number of angels 3 a lot, then something is probably holding you back. This can refer to a business venture or a toxic person in your life.

Number of angels 4 suggests that you may not have your priorities straight and you should rethink what’s important to you.

Number of angels 5 is all about change. If you’re stuck in a rut, or your life has become too boring, your guardian angel is telling you to shake things up.

Number of angels six is telling you that you should rethink the balance of your work life and your personal life.

If you notice the number 7 everywhere, then your angel is telling you to take some time off from work for personal healing. You should take a vacation or spend a weekend just relaxing.

Unfortunately, for people who keep seeing the number 8, hard times might be in store for you. However, you should know that those challenges will pass and you should remain positive.

Finally, angel number 9 refers to kindness and compassion. If this is your number of angels, then you should consider showing more kindness to others.

Using Your Angel Number for Good

Now that you have a basic understanding of how angel numbers work, the responsibility for looking out for them is up to you. Try to heed their warnings and advice and use them to improve your life.

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