Did you know that the amount of vegan people has increased by 500% since 2014? The sale of plant-based food increased by 11% in 2019 in the U.S. If you are a vegetarian then you definitely know what is hemp milk.

The value of the plant-based food market has increased to $4.5 billion. The consumption of vegan milk has increased by 61%, and the market is expected to reach a value of $21 billion by 2024.

If you’ve been interested in trying plant-based milk, you might have come across something called hemp milk. What is hemp milk? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Hemp Milk?

What Is Hemp Milk

The first thing you might be asking yourself when exploring your options of vegan milk is what exactly is hemp milk. Hemp milk is a substitute for cow’s milk made from hemp hearts and water. It’s a way to have the flavor of milk without consuming an animal product.

Hemp milk tends to have a nutty flavor and it’s also creamy like dairy milk. While hemp milk is made using the same plant that makes CBD and THC products, hemp milk doesn’t contain these ingredients. Now you know what is hemp milk?

Making Hemp Milk Is Simple

Out of all the hemp products available, hemp milk is the simplest to make. You only need a few ingredients to make it at home if you don’t want to buy it from your local grocery store.

Your first step is to blend hemp hearts with water. You should blend until the milk becomes frothy. You’ll then strain your milk through a nut milk bag.

You can add vanilla extract or cocoa powder to your blender if you prefer flavored milk. That’s all you’ll need to make your own DIY hemp milk.

Benefits of Hemp Milk

Benefits of Hemp Milk

The great thing about switching to hemp milk is that it has a lot of benefits. If you’re allergic to soy or dairy, you can replace your milk with a hemp-based one.

Hemp milk also contains omega-3 fats, which are a necessary part of a healthy diet. Hemp milk is a great source of protein too.

Hemp milk is also a more environmentally friendly alternative. If you’re in the hemp farming industry or considering it, this is a great reason to pursue this career. So now you know what is hemp milk and its benefits.

Should You Have Any Concerns About Switching to Hemp Milk

While some people might have allergies to certain ingredients in hemp milk it’s more often than not completely safe to drink. It’s lower in both calories and sugar when compared to dairy milk.

While plant-based milk doesn’t provide the same calcium that drinking cow’s milk does, there are other sources of calcium if you’re considering switching to a vegan diet.

Other Ways to Use Hemp Milk

Other Ways to Use Hemp Milk

If you’re still wondering how to use hemp milk, there are many other ways to consume it besides putting it in your cereal. It goes great with smoothies, in coffee, or as a replacement for milk in your dessert recipes.

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Milk Explained

What is hemp milk? This guide answers all those questions. Now you know how to make hemp milk and the many benefits it has.

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