Beneath the surface of the earth is a myriad of valuable materials that have not only made man rich, but powerful. Whether it’s gold, platinum, oil, or salt, these naturally-occurring products have shaped the world we live in today.

A few hundred years ago, the task of reaching these materials was a herculean one. It took months, if not years, of physical labor and manpower. But today, we have machinery that’s simplified this process into a matter of hours.

With transmitter technology that detects exact drill depths, such as DigiTrak, harnessing the earth’s natural resources has never been easier. But, what is DigitTrak anyway, and how does it work?

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What is DigiTrak? A Brief Summary


DigiTrak, also called DigiTrak Datalog Management (DDM) is a revolutionary form of technology that’s shaped the way in which various industries drill into the earth. In short, DDM is actually a datalog management system. It gathers useful information about drilling conditions and relays this data back to your smartphone device.

The DigitTrak brand includes transmitters that attach to drill heads that bore into the earth. Their job is to do the following:

  • Source and relay information such as the roll, depth, and pitch of a drill head as it bores through the earth
  • It also reads the ground temperature and relays this information back to the receiver

DigiTrak as a brand offers a large range of transmitter variations, all designed to perform in a number of different applications. In total, the DigiTrak range offers 11 transmitters, in 5 different frequencies. This includes the falcon f1 to falcon f5 range.

These transmitters are some of the toughest and most reliable in the world. They’re designed to withstand the harshest ground conditions and have a seriously impressive track record of success.

The Benefits of DDM Technology

DDM Technology

It’s common knowledge that drilling beneath the earth’s surface comes with its fair share of risks. In many cases, it’s dangerous work. So the information and data that DDM technology offers is paramount to the safety and success of drilling applications across the U.S.

Other than this, here are just a few of the other perks this technology offers:

  • DDM technology allows you to access drilling data from your smartphone — there’s no need for pricey laptops out in the field
  • The technology allows for annotation — in other words, you can add and log comments according to different types of data
  • This extra information increases the insight into the drill job, which allows for better drilling decisions
  • All in all, DDM tech increases the productivity and safety of drill jobs
  • All of the data logged by DDM gets uploaded to a DigiTrak cloud management software which you can then access from a laptop

In summary, this type of drilling technology allows for organized and instantaneous access to important drilling data. You can go back and view previous data drilling histories, which helps to reduce field accidents and guarantee successful drilling projects.

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