If you are starting a new job and are asked to complete a P46 form for your new employer, you may be asking yourself: What is a P46 form? A P46 form is a form that every employee needs to fill out to ensure that they pay the correct tax amount to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or HMRC. A P46 form will replace a P45 form if you are starting a new job and you don’t have a P45 form from your previous employee to show your current employer. It is important to note that completing a P46 form is your responsibility, and you are required to complete this and hand it to your new employer as soon as possible so that you receive an emergency tax code. An emergency tax code can result in you paying more than is owed by you to the HMRC.

When you will need a P46 form?

You will need to complete a P46 form on the following occasions:

  • When you don’t have a P45 form to hand to your current employer.
  • You are beginning your first job.
  • You are still currently employed by your previous employer in your new job.

When you will need a P46 form

If you don’t have the P46 form already, your new employer should be able to provide you with a blank form which you will need to fill out and hand back to your employer, who will then hand it over to the appropriate tax office.

What details will you need to fill in on a P46 form?

There are two parts where one section is submitted by the employee and the other by the employer.

The following details will need to be met by the employee and will contain the following basic information such as:

  • Your details
  • Some of your financial information relating to any student loans you may have, or if you have a jobseeker’s allowance.
  • Your National Insurance Number.

What details will you need to fill in on a P46 form

The second section needs to be completed by the employer and will contain the following details:

  • Information relating to the employee’s employment status, such as their job title, when they started, and their payroll number.
  • Details of the employer, including their PAYE details and personal details such as their name, their address, and their tax code.
  • The P46 form has since been replaced with the starter declaration or starter checklist. The starter checklist will still need to be submitted even if the employee has a P45 record.

What is a starter checklist?

What is a starter checklist

A starter checklist is necessary to obtain the information required for an employer to use for payroll purposes. It must be sent to the employer’s payroll department and not the HMRC. The starter declaration is available in two versions that you can complete, both of which are valid to use. An online starter checklist and a starter checklist can be printed and completed by your employer.

Β Whether you have completed a P46 form, a P45 form, or a starter declaration, these are all necessary and a requirement to complete for employment and tax purposes, so best be sure to have these ready for when you need them.

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