It’s neither hypnotism nor magic! Mentalism is a different form of entertainment that could be the ideal feature for your next corporate event—but what is a mentalist? So, what is a mentalist definition you should know around it.

Mentalist Definition And What Do They Do?

You’ve probably seen it, but if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of how it differs from a magic show, you might assume a mentalist meaning and a magician are the same. Both involve ways to trick your mind into seeing or believing something that might not be true to entertain and impress an audience.

If it’s not a magician, what is a mentalist? Are you intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about the mentalist definition and why you should hire one.

What Is Mentalism?

What Is Mentalism

The art of mentalism is more than what some consider suggestive magic. A mentalist considers their craft a performing art. They focus on tricks involving the imagination of their audience using the capabilities of the mind.

How Do Mentalists Guess Numbers?

Most mentalists don’t depend on flashy tricks or large props. They act and interact in a way that gives an audience the impression that the performer possesses supernatural powers. Many mentalism “tricks” involve interpretations of predicting the future or reading a participant’s mind.

Because of the high audience participation and the mentalist’s skill at personalizing a performance, a mentalist can be an excellent idea for a party or corporate event.

Mentalism Is An Excellent Party “Trick”

A mentalist will argue that they don’t do “tricks,” but an audience might feel tricked at the end of a performance—in a good way!

What Is A Mentalist In Expert?

What Is A Mentalist In Expert

An expert mentalist weaves together showmanship, the power of suggestion, group influence, misdirection, perceived hypnosis, and high-level cold-reading skills to move an audience into believing what appears to be impossible at the moment.

Mentalist also incorporates bits of psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and other indetectable observation skills to create an illusion or direct an audience’s perception of a situation.

Why Is This A Successful Event Performance?

A successful mentalist can read an audience and customize performance on the spot. With a bit of information gathering about your group prior to the event, your mentalist for hire can create a one-of-a-kind experience that your staff or attendees will remember.

Mentalists are experts at including everyone in the audience while targeting the people who will give the best audience participant performance during the performance.

A mentalist can expertly (and quickly) find the most unwitting participants in the audience and coach them into the idea that something isn’t as it should be in our common understanding of reality.

Fellow Audience Members

They cheer each other on, engage with the performer and play off of the mentalist as he creates a fun, yet mysterious atmosphere. Your group will feel like they’ve been on a ride by the end of the show. They might even feel like they’ve been taken “for” a ride—and it was good entertainment!

“Mere Mortals” Can Learn Mentalism

Mentalists are masters of their trade. However, most mentalists are not born with the “mentalism” gene, and it’s not necessarily a special “gift” that only a few can possess.

It’s a craft that requires time, study, and practice to create the appropriate amount of misdirection and illusion at the audience’s expense.

A mentalist learns how to take intense powers of observation and transform that into mind games and storytelling that captivates an audience.

How To Be A Mentalist?

How To Be A Mentalist

There’s very little “true” paranormal activity involved with a mentalist’s skills, although some mentalists profess to be in touch with the paranormal; it adds to the sense of mystery!

A mentalist doesn’t have to have a connection to the supernatural to make an audience feel like they are in the presence of someone who can read your mind or communicate with the dead.

A participant unknowingly gives away clues to help a mentalist craft a faux reality that can give the impression that they know more about you than they really do.

Cold Reading And Micro-Reactions Make A Mentalist

The best mentalists can cold-read a person within minutes of meeting them. From observing mentalist definition and sentimentalism and physical appearance, a mentalist can immediately vitamins that boost mental health assume a few things about you.

Through conversation and asking pointed questions, a mentalist observes a person’s reactions—and micro-reactions. Micro-reactions are tiny, involuntary movements that you can’t catch before they happen.

Cool Mind Reading Tricks

You often don’t realize you do them, but a trained mentalist will pick up on the slightest of reactions to a question.

Mentalism experts compile this in-the-moment information to guide you through a trick or idea that can blow your mind!

Do You Know The Mentalist Meaning?

The word “mentalist” gives an impression of something sophisticated or other-worldly, but you might already be familiar with what is a mentalist—either personally or professionally.

  • If you watched the TV show, Psych, you’ve seen a television scripted performance of an expert mentalist. The lead character Shawn Spencer used his common-man mentalist skills to fake his way through being a local “psychic” that helped the local police solve crimes.
  • Famous performance mentalists include Derren Brown, Max Maven, and Banachek. These top-level performers don’t need a big stage to do what they do. They can create a mentalist moment for just about anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mind Reading Magic Trick

Mind Reading Magic Trick

Bug-name performers like David Blaine, David Copperfield, or Penn and Teller don’t fit the mold of mentalist performers and mental health.

While they likely include some mentalist tricks of the trades in their performances, they primarily rely on sleight of hand, misdirection, and carefully crafted props and stages to impress audiences with their “what is a mentalist.”

Mentalist Definition And It Could Be Your Next Hobby

It could be you! If you’re still looking for ideas for your 2020 goals, consider learning some mentalist meaning skills! Fine-tuning your powers of observation and people-reading skills can come in handy for work or play.

However, if that’s not on your list of fun things to do, consider a mentalist for your next event. Whether it’s a large or small gathering, a mentalist performer could be an ideal entertainer to make a unique and memorable event in the mentalist definition.

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