An appetite suppressant is one of the best ways to lose weight and focus.

Appetite suppressants are made of several ingredients that are known to make people feel full. Some hunger suppressants are natural stimulants whereas others are in the form of beverages.

When you use a hunger suppressant, you’re able to quickly get rid of your hunger so you can cut calories. Because hunger suppressants are often stimulants, you’ll also feel a boost of energy and mental clarity.

Read on to learn more about how appetite suppressants work.

How It Affects the Body

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Hunger suppressants, or appetite suppressants, are designed to trick your mind into thinking that you’re full. Most suppressants are stimulants, giving you a burst of energy and increasing your metabolism. This can be attributed to the fact that hunger suppressants increase serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood and appetite.

Most appetite suppressants come in the form of pills, but they can also be consumed in other things. For example, some people choose to drink soda because it’s loaded with carbs and the carbonation can help keep a stomach full.

When people take an appetite suppressant pill, they’ll lose the will to eat for a period. The problem with many pills is that the effects don’t progressively wear off. Instead, you’ll quickly feel full and then get hungry out of nowhere.

As your body gets used to the suppressant, you’ll no longer get the appetite suppressing effects. This is why it’s recommended that you occasionally switch up your suppressants if you have a lot of weight to lose.


Caffeine is one of the most popular hunger suppressants. Unlike prescription appetite suppressants, caffeine can be purchased nearly everywhere.

You’ll find it in both pill form and as a powder. However, caffeine powder can be dangerous if not managed properly because it’s easier to misjudge how much you’re using.

Many people use caffeine at the beginning of the day to help them wake up and get energy. For those who practice intermittent fasting, you’ll find that using caffeine during your fasting period can help you stay focused while not feeling hungry.

Caffeine doesn’t make you feel full, but it helps you feel satisfied. In its pill form, it often comes in 100mg or 200mg. Keep in mind that this is a high amount because a 2-liter bottle of soda will typically have around 150mg of caffeine.


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It seems as though everyone drinks coffee in the morning, but most people don’t drink it because it’s an appetite suppressant. What suppresses appetite is the high content of caffeine, usually about 100mg per cup.

There are many types of coffee that all have different tastes and caffeine content. Sugar and milk are common ingredients that people add to their coffee, making it easier for people to enjoy it.

If your main goal is to suppress your appetite, one of the best ways to drink coffee is to drink it without any extra ingredients. Black coffee has a bitter taste that can last for a while after you’ve finished drinking, essentially making you not want to touch any food.

Carbonated Beverages

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Soda and sparkling water are the most common carbonated beverages that people drink. People who are dieting often drink diet soda because it’s filling and doesn’t have any calories. Sparkling water does the same, but it doesn’t have the syrup or caffeine that soda has.

Some people will drink regular soda if they’d like to consume calories without eating, but drinking too much will overload you with sugar. If you go this route, you’ll want to spread your intake throughout the day so that you’re not using up all of your calories at once.

Hunger Suppressant Pills

While caffeine can be purchased as a pill, it’s not necessarily designed to suppress your appetite. However, there are appetite suppressant pills that use a variety of ingredients, including caffeine and herbs, that will increase your serotonin and prevent you from feeling hungry.

These pills last longer than caffeine does, and it’s possible to purchase pills that have THCV, which is a cannabinoid that reduces appetite. You can learn more about THCV if you’re interested in its many benefits.

Some pills are designed to be taken at the beginning of the day, whereas others should be taken before meals. The ones that you take when you wake up will help you go for several hours until you feel the need to eat. Pills that are to be taken before a meal help you feel full faster once you start eating.

You can find an OTC appetite suppressant at most pharmacies, but some doctors will prescribe you stronger drugs if you need to do aggressive weight loss. These are often only prescribed in cases where you need to lose weight for surgery or have a life-threatening amount of fat.

Start Using Appetite Suppressants If You’re Always Hungry

A hunger suppressant is meant to help people get rid of their appetite and allow them to focus on other things. It’s too easy to find ourselves thinking about food while we’re working, but a single pill or drink will make us forget that we were ever hungry.

If you’re someone who needs to lose weight or is negatively affected by hunger, consider using an appetite suppressant. You don’t have to take pills if you don’t want to, but they do have quicker and stronger effects than drinks do.

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