A couple of years ago, I went through a bad depression. I had recently lost my job, and although I had found work, my self-esteem had been battered. My love life was non-existent, and my relationships with certain family members had become strained. All of that contributed to my seemingly ubiquitous sense of despair.

As I became more settled in my role at work and I started dating again, I expected things to get better. But beneath everything lay that same melancholy, stubbornly refusing to go away. Friends kept on giving me advice, like exercising more, taking turmeric supplements, and colonic cleanses, but none of it helped.

In desperation, I decided to try something different.

My Self-Help Journey

On a recommendation from a mentor, I went to see a therapist. Susan was lovely and empathic, and she gave me space to speak out some of what was on my mind. She identified the main factors that were causing my malaise, including some trauma I hadn’t really gotten over in the past. She also helped me see how much of my validation I had gotten in my previous job, and how I hadn’t managed to replace that.

But while Susan was excellent at analysis, I felt stuck after a while. I had been seeing her for six months, and nothing had changed. Yes, I knew more about what was going on beneath the surface. But how did that help me? There was only so long I could go on talking about the same stuff.

I could have tried another therapist, as there are some much more goal-oriented therapists, but I didn’t feel like going through the whole rigmarole of sharing my life history again with only a chance that the next one might be different.

So I did something completely out of left field (at least in terms of my past experience). I went to see a psychic.

How I Found Him

You’re probably wondering how I went from a therapist to a psychic. Where do you even find a psychic? We all have this impression of wandering into a smokey outlet on the side of the road and seeing a strange-looking woman gazing into our souls through a haze. Well, it wasn’t like that at all.

I actually stumbled across an article online when I searched for alternatives to therapy. The writer had herself gone to a psychic after having no luck with traditional therapy. She explained that a psychic wasn’t just someone who would read your palm and tell you what to expect in the future. Rather, her psychic was able to read her intuitively and, along with what she gleaned about her future, she was able to give her practical advice for how to turn her life around.

I learned that these days you don’t need to randomly find a psychic on the side of the road. In fact, it works just like everything else. I went to the Keen website, which connects you to a network of psychics online. I found a great Keen psychic who had been vetted by the site as well as reviewed by happy clients.

Steven’s reviews were so good that I knew I had to give him a go. And I’m very relieved I did.

Steven really changed my life, and not just because he predicted some work situations I really needed to prepare myself for. He helped me with very useful and practical guidelines about how to build myself up instead of constantly tearing myself down. He was more than a confidante or fortune teller.

Once I’d started seeing Steven, my life took a turn for the better. It’s not the circumstances that changed, but my entire attitude.

Find A Psychic

Now I highly recommend finding a psychic, even if you’re a skeptic. The worst that can happen is you decide it’s not for you. As long as you go with reputable websites, and take a look at the person’s reviews, no one will take advantage of you. Give it a try. You might start waking up with a smile again.

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