Did you know that 1.16 million Americans are arrested annually for drug-related offenses?

The penalties for possession of drugs come with a lot of added consequences compared to other crimes. These could include more jail time, heavy fines, and even mandatory rehab. Going through the legal system for drug possession can be a taxing hassle, so many people decide to fight back, but it’s not an easy battle to fight.

Here, we’ll discuss what happens when you’re in that unfortunate place of having to go through legal proceedings for drug charges. Keep reading for all the details.

Verifying the Identity of the Suspect

Drug-related felonies

Generally, officers will take personal information such as the suspect’s full name and address. They may also request to see government-issued identification cards.

Officers will also check to see if any other forms of identification are available, such as a passport or birth certificate. Furthermore, they’ll take a photo of the suspect and run a background check to corroborate the identity.

It’s also important to verify that the suspect’s age is correct, as certain substances are illegal only for persons of certain ages. Through these steps, officers can ensure that they are making the correct arrest.

Recovering the Contraband Substance

A part of a drug possession arrest is the recovery of the contraband substance. Officers will search the person, their property, or the surrounding environment. They can also ask the individual to surrender any evidence of the crime.

Depending on what type of drug, evidence may be collected and weighed, bagged, and labeled for evidentiary purposes. All recovered evidence is cataloged and stored as evidence for court proceedings.

Drug Laws

Obtaining Witness Information

It is essential to get witness information to support the validity of the arrest. Law enforcement can take interviews with witnesses to give further detail to the case against the arrested individual. They can also record the witness accounts and add them to evidence.

Efficiently gathering witness information is especially important because conviction is largely dependent on evidence. The presence of a witness can be the deciding factor when attempting to gain a deeper understanding of an incident.

Conducting a Thorough Investigation

Officers must conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the accused’s involvement. This includes gathering evidence to prove the intent to possess, buy, or sell the drug. They then review the evidence to determine if other charges are warranted.

Drug Possession

All these components of a drug possession arrest help to ensure that justice is served and the accused can be appropriately judged. It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney during this process. The lawyer will help the individual to determine the best approach to their drug case.

Understanding the Drug Possession Arrests

Drug possession arrests can be stressful and complicated. It involves many steps to ensure everyone’s safety and to protect the rights of the accused.

The reality of a drug possession arrest can be serious. A person can face fines, jail time, and even a criminal record. Anyone facing this type of arrest should look into seeking legal advice to understand the best legal course going forward.

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