What would Jesus say about what you wear? You might not get a private message from Him about your outfit today, but the Bible is very specific when it comes to how Christians should dress.

Are today’s fashions in line with what the Bible says? What you wear can tell the world a lot about you. A biblical dress code communicates modesty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you wear!

Keep reading to answer this question: what does the Bible say about clothing

1. Practice Modesty With What You Wear

In biblical times, the way a woman dressed told her community everything they needed to know about her. Proverbs 7:10 references a woman who “dressed like a prostitute.” The chapter goes on to warn men about women with adulterous intent, referencing what these women wear as a way to recognize them.

Adultery is a sinful way to live. While there isn’t a Bible dress code, Scripture encourages Christians to dress in a way that promotes modesty rather than adultery.

2. Clothing No Longer Covers Shame

The first man and woman on earth never worried about what they wore until they felt the need to cover their sin and shame. When they realized they had sinned, they chose fig leaves to hide their physical bodies as a representation of covering their internal shame from God.

In Genesis Chapter 3, God had mercy on Adam and Eve by giving them the skin of animals as clothing. He turned what they intended to use to hide their sin into a representation of His mercy for us.

3. Dress With Dignity and Strength

In sharp contrast to covering shame, the Bible references clothing ourselves with dignity and strength. Proverbs 31 describes a wife of noble character who dresses in fine linen and purple.

The Bible encourages Christians to wear clothing that blesses our families and promotes our values. Find more about clothing that helps us step out in faith and style.

4. Bring Glory to God

Do your clothing choices bring glory to God? As Christians, our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us to present our bodies as holy to God. Choosing modest clothing that is acceptable to God follows Scripture!

5. Focus On Your Heart, Not Fashion

We all want to look good, and again, there’s nothing in Scripture that says we can’t enjoy what we wear! However, are you too focused on your fashion choices? Does what you wear make you who you are?

The Bible calls us to focus our hearts and mind on what’s above. Your wardrobe should never be a distraction or an obsession that distracts your focus from God.

What Does the Bible Say About Clothing? Glorify God!

When understanding “what does the Bible say about clothing?” Christians can keep it simple. If what you wear doesn’t glorify God or represent Him well, you might need to choose something else to wear.

Enjoy what you wear, but never idolize your wardrobe. I hope this article was helpful! Be sure you check out some of my other insights!

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