What is Southern heritage? When you ask people about the south, you’ll get different answers from different people. Not even many people born in the south have a proper understanding of southern heritage.

Some define the South through culture. Some will talk about the food or heroes. The few who don’t understand may even have their own negative connotations.

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Best Things About Southern Heritage Definition

Southern heritage is a hard subject to talk about. It’s all in the hearts and souls of the people and the local culture.

Today, we’ll try to understand the heritage of the south. Is there a true definition for southern heritage? How does southern pride work into it?

Let’s try to see how we can learn from this discovery the heritage definition from here.

1. Tackling Southern Pride 

When you talk heritage, you’ll hear about Southern pride. Southern pride is being proud of the past, the culture, and the history of the south. 

For Southerners, love of southern territory and history, in thick or thin, is something to be proud of.

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Even then, some people will tie the south with its supposed racist history. We love the South. This is a common misconception of the people who never understood what the south fought for.

Facts of the Heritage

If you see a Confederate flag for sale, you might immediately tie it to the heritage. People connect it with the flag of the secessionists, for better or worse. Why?

To understand this deeper, we need to set a few facts. These will help clear why Southerners heritage definition are proud of the Confederate flag and its supposed “racist” connection to the Southern heritage we’re proud of.

The Truth About Confederacy

We need to understand is many Southern soldiers in the civil war fought for the rights of the state. It’s not for the slavers, even if many books say otherwise. 

Many of those who went to defend the Confederate states were not even slave owners. The truth is no true person who values the heritage will be proud of the history of slavery.

Even then, people are proud because their ancestors fought for what they believe was true. Sure, the victors write what we know is history. The soldiers of old and what they fought for, however, will always intertwine with southern heritage.

Southern Pride Celebrates

The bravery of the men who fought for what they thought was right. They are no more “traitors” than Washington, Addams or Revere. The only difference is that they lost.

This is not about pride in racism in slavery, like how others paint it. Southern pride is about acknowledging our ancestors who armed themselves to stand up to freedom. 

2. Is Southern Pride The Only Heritage of the South?

Now that we understand Southern pride, we need to ask: is the heritage all about history? Yes and no.

Yes, most of it is about acknowledging the good and the bad of our Southern history. We need to keep making sure we understand the nuance behind it. 

Even then, the Southern heritage is not all about its history. It is also about the beautiful culture that permeates every inch of the South. It may not be a contiguous culture in every corner, but the South held onto many things that other states forgot.

Why Manners Matter?

For starters, manners. Southern Heritage All about is believing in the value of manners. 

Gentleness. Kindness. Respect.

Manners are everything to the people of the South. The simple matter of elevator etiquette and things as simple as excusing yourself are markers of the south. Sometimes, people forget that common courtesy is a good way to interact with people.

In the South Manners are Everything

Gentlemen understand how to show proper respect to the ladies and how to treat them well. People know how common courtesy is an unwritten law that everyone needs to follow.

Southerners don’t ask people to be kind. It’s something that they expect to anyone visiting the South. Manners are indelible to the Southern culture that you will not mistake genteel attitudes as something other than Southern.

3. The Uniqueness of South Heritage

For those who say that the South is all about its ancestors’ history, they don’t know what they are talking about. The heritage definition of the South extends beyond its military roots.

The South has its unique music that you don’t find anywhere. The jazz from New Orleans and the country music of Nashville are some to talk about. These are all kind inventions that are yours as part of the South.

All of these write the verses and chapters that we know as the heritage definition.

The Unique Cultures of the Appalachia Rooted

An understanding of the hard times. The Creole culture made of different blends of other cultures melted into the beauty that is Louisiana. The nostalgic homeyness that is in the heart of every West Virginian.

All the love and good tidings make the heritage of the South. At the same time, the South is loyal, headstrong and fierce. They value kindness and all the good things around them, no matter how simple.

Understanding southern heritage means knowing the people of the South. Their culture is of the people who show pride in their roots and loyalty to their morals is unique to them.

Why You Should Care About Southern Heritage

The heritage is about many things – a combination of beautiful things and things of the past. These permeate in kindness and good relationships with one another. 

The culture of good etiquette is inherent to the South and loyalty to your convictions are a part of it. If you are from the South, you need to understand this and be proud of your history. 

If you are looking for more ways to understand who you are or what can help you, check out our other guides now. Whether you’re looking to learn more about business or need to understand your local culture, we have it here.

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