In any given year, 84% of American homeowners have to deal with a pest problem. Considering your house isn’t sealed off to the rest of the world, it’s natural to get a few ants here and a few spiders there.

But there comes a time where you need to get some pros in to help you out. This is when you should call pest control.

What does pest control do anyway? We’ll answer this question and more in this article.

What Does Pest Control Do?

As you may have guessed from the intro, pest control gets rid of any nasty creepy crawlies in your home. This can be anything from ants to animal removal services that deal with possums.

These experts are trained to safely remove these pests so there is as little damage to your property possible. They also do it in a way that keeps you out of harm.

But pest control does so much more than that. This is just the reactive and removal part.

Here are some other ways how pest control services help you out.

Preventative Measures

Once you get pests out, that effort will be for nothing if you don’t do things to prevent their return. For example, if you had a mouse problem and exterminated them, they may be gone, but only temporarily. Eventually, other mice will find their way into your home.

With this particular example, a pest control company would find any small homes in your home and plug them up with steel wool.

Basically, pest control pros will make your home more difficult to get into and less attractive by removing things like food and ideal places for shelter.


Pest control tactics work best when you adjust them accordingly. What may work best in one home may not in another, so it’s important for exterminators to keep coming back to check up on your property.

When they do so, they can spot any new and small infestations before they become bigger. This means they’re easier to take care of, which means less time and money spent to eliminate the problem.

In addition, if your problem is bugs and insects, these professionals can reapply insecticides on a regular basis to keep them at bay. They can also inspect your property to see if any new problem areas cropped up and then apply the appropriate measures there (such as additional insecticide).

Utilize Pest Control Services for a Better Home

So what does pest control do?

Yes, it’s true they’re known for removing pests from your home. But not only do these professionals do that, but they also take preventative measures to make sure they don’t come back. In addition, they perform regular maintenance to check that their tactics are working and adjust accordingly if needed.

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