You may have heard of HSE Certification, but did you know that it is the next step to an upgraded career path?

Individuals with HSE Certification always perform better in the job market than their uncertified peers.

This article is the key to understanding how you can take advantage of all your available options. Keep reading and discover the endless possibilities HSE Certification has to offer

What Is HSE Certification?

Health, Safety, and Environment Training (HSE) Certification is dedicated to educating workers on the implications and consequences of hazardous jobs.

The certification itself is comprised of several OSHA approved levels, or sub-certifications offered to train attendees on a variety of safety topics.

There are two main forms of these sub-certifications: fundamental and supplemental.

Fundamental HSE Certification

Fundamental HSE certifications comprise the primary qualifications that a person is required to complete to be considered HSE Certified.

It is important to complete all fundamental qualifications as soon as possible so that you have the option to either begin work with a fundamental certification or move on to a supplemental certification of your choice.

Supplemental HSE Certification

Where fundamental qualifications set you apart from any uncertified worker, the supplemental courses help to set you apart from other certified workers.

These courses allow you to specialize according to your interest and/or profession and make you are a far more competitive applicant.

How to Get Certified

Getting certified is fast, easy, and inexpensive thanks to today’s online infrastructure. Explore the various qualifications required for the certification track of your choice before deciding on which one is right for you.

It is important to decide what balance of work experience and HSE certification you wish to cultivate on your resume. With the right plan of action, these certifications can prove the deciding factor in elevating your career.

How To Tell If CHSO Certification is Right for You

Certified Health and Safety Official (CHSO) Certification is the advanced qualification to become a safety and successful health promotion. This track of study is available exclusively to HSE Certified individuals with at least five years of overseeing experience.

The certification requires the completion of 7 general OSHA courses and 2 additional specialized OSHA courses of the applicant’s choice.

The Program Requirements for Students

It offers the student the opportunity to choose a specialized construction or general industry safety track. The program requires all coursework to be completed within five years.

This course should be attended by supervisors, firm owners, top/middle management, loss control representatives, workers compensation administration, risk management officers, and safety engineers who meet the prerequisites.

Changing Your Career Trajectory with HSE Certification

HSE Certification (fundamental/supplemental) and the more advanced CHSO certification are not only useful for workers of all kinds, but are even required for occupations in industries like mining, oil/gas, construction, and lumber.

The knowledge that you receive will allow you to analyze the safety implications of any future job you may wish to pursue and continue to prove invaluable as your career progresses.

Obtaining these qualifications is a powerful means of setting yourself apart from any other application you may compete against, and allows you greater working freedom in both the United States and beyond.

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