Did you know that almost 10% of all Americans move house every year? This means that every year millions of Americans are searching for new accommodations and properties to rent.

If you are interested in the business opportunity that this creates, you may be wondering how you can get involved? If you purchase property, how much time will it take from you?

Many people purchase a property and then leave it in the hands of a property management company. What does a property management company do? Is it profitable to employ one?

Why not read our in-depth article find the answers to these questions

Property Managers Save Your Valuable Time

A good property management company will care for the day-to-day running of your property, leaving you free to live your life. Think for a moment of some of the ongoing tasks associated with the property:

  • Following up on rent payments.
  • Collecting late fees.
  • Resolving tenant complaints.
  • Clearing and cleaning properties for new tenants.

Many property owners have multiple properties in different geographical areas. It would be impossible for them to manage this work for multiple properties by themselves.

In some cases, property management companies will even represent the owner should a case related to the property go to court.

Employing a property management company gives property owners back valuable time. They allow them to focus on their main business goals.

They Save You Money

You might wonder how a property management company could save money when they are a paid service?

This is a long term investment. As your building matures its value will increase. The regular maintenance that the property management company has done will contribute to this.

The company will ensure that a regular program of preventative maintenance is applied in the property. This means that later when you come to sell you will be able to provide guarantees and possibly documentation regarding this work.

This level of maintenance would not be possible by a single property owner. However, by employing a property management company they are assuring a stable selling price.

Tenant Filtering

You may not know that property management companies will also arrange the tenants that stay in your properties.

Tenant filtering can save time and stress for property owners. The property management company will assess and vet each potential tenant. Although this might take time, it is always cheaper to take the time to meet with tenants rather than remove them later.

A property management company that can provide a property full of vetted and approved tenants is very valuable to any property owner.

Even the best tenants can later create legal problems and need to be evicted. Tenant eviction can be very messy and even call into question the reputation of the property owner.

This can be avoided by employing the legal expertise and experience of a property management company. As the owner, you remain in control of your prosecution proceedings. Yet the management company will handle matters in court and provide much valuable guidance.

This will save the property owner significant time on each property that they own.

Long-Distance Management

Property owners rarely restrict themselves to one property. As time passes they may grow their empire into scores of properties over a large area. It does’nt matter if it’s Dallas, California or LA, they try to get more property in their hand.

A property management company will be required to ensure that each of these properties is well cared for.

In other cases, the owner may decide to personally relocate and live from the income the properties provide. The property management company will be able to care for the properties in the absence of the owner.

Professional Distancing

A professional property owner will often try to maintain a distance between them and tenants for professional reasons.

When a person is both owner and manager, individuals will try to encourage leniency in rental terms or prices. This can lead to inconsistencies between properties.

Ensuring that there is a level of bureaucracy between the tenant and the owner can help them to retain the same terms across the board.

Ensure Rent Is Paid

Many property management companies will receive their fees from the rent given by the tenants. This means that the company will always be motivated to collect rent from tenants.

Should tenants not meet their rental responsibilities, the management company, not the owner will take responsibility for the problem.

Of course, it will be easy to resolve any legal case when the contract and other necessary paperwork is in place. The property management company will ensure that they have filed all necessary paperwork and that the contract will protect the owner’s rights.


Emergency maintenance or repair of a property can require a range of trades at short notice. It will require significant work for a single owner to arrange this.

However, a property management company will likely have arrangements with contractors locally. These will be able to come quickly and address issues.

The property management company will have agreements in place with many tradesmen, such as plumbers. This means that they will be able to vouch for the quality of their work and the trustworthiness of their workforce.

The property management company will also have policies in place for appropriate work practices. Their policies will prevent litigation and ensure that complaints are kept to a minimum.

Learn What Does a Property Management Company Do and Much More

Owning property is not instantly profitable. Much work is involved in maintaining and finding tenants for the property. This is where a property management company comes in. They can take the stress of day-to-day property management off your shoulders.

If you have wondered “What does a property management company do?” you now have the answer. What other services are available to support you? Why not check our blog.

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