River cruises are among the ideal ways of taking time off from the usually busy and hectic life. You will have time to enjoy yourself as you savor the different European attractions.

To achieve this, you need to identify the countries that have European river cruises options so that you can determine the cruise that will provide a memorable experience.

Since most river cruises pass through different countries, the ideal way of choosing the perfect river cruise is to know the countries in which the cruise begins.

Countries That Have European River Cruises



Europe has many river cruise opportunities, and Germany is among the countries that can allow you to enjoy a memorable river cruise. The country has several rivers which go to the ocean and the neighboring countries. These rivers are ideal for river cruises where you only need to book your cruise on time.

Some of the attractions you can enjoy by starting your cruise from Germany include the charming wine-producing villages. These villages have unique attributes, including rich German history. The locals are also friendly and welcoming, where you can be assured of a good time when your river cruise ship stops at any of the villages.



France is commonly regarded as one of the most romantic countries globally, and as a result, you can never go wrong by starting your river cruise from this country.

Several rivers are used by cruise ships, and you only need to know the attractions you want to see so that you can choose a cruise that goes through those particular routes. The tour companies that provide river cruise services in France usually provide maps and timetables so that you can know the precise route you will be taking.

The main attractions you can expect to see when on a river cruise in France include the elegant boulevards and grand monuments of Paris. You can also have an opportunity to see the famed wineries in Bordeaux and other popular towns in France. The only thing you need is to book your river cruise in good time since these cruises are usually in high demand, especially in summer.



Several rivers are cutting through Italy, with most of these rivers ending up in the ocean. The presence of these rivers makes Italy an ideal destination for anyone who would like to enjoy a memorable river cruise.

Besides enjoying the state-of-the-art amenities in the cruise ships, you shall also get a chance to visit some of Italy’s popular attractions since the rivers go through different cities.

Among the things you get to enjoy while on your river cruise in Italy include classical music in Vienna. You also get to go through Rome where you can have time to enjoy all the historic buildings in the city. Furthermore, most Italian river cruises go through remote areas where you can enjoy the beautiful Italian sceneries.

Therefore, you can create memories and have a good time by going on a European river cruise. Your responsibility will be only to choose the ideal cruise that will give you an opportunity to enjoy the various Italian attractions.

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